Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year Coming in Hot!

Hello Hashimoto friends, I hope you're having a fabulous holiday season!

Somehow it's the end of the year and I am rushing to work done, get the Christmas decorations taken down and stored, get the house cleaned, and get ready for the final holiday of the year.

I'm an introspective kind of gal and this time of year is always filled with reflections on the previous year. 2015 has been stressful and difficult but overshadowing the hardships are the victories. I've had a life changing 7 months starting with that fateful visit to Dr. Jessica, and the book she loaned me. It was a hard read, I confess - not just because of the sceincy subject matter, but also because of the dawning realization that someone finally "got me", understood the battles that Hashimoto's brings, and offered solutions.


After years of being told I would just have to learn to live with hair falling out in clumps, weight gain for no reason, skin problems, brain fog, to name but a few of the chronic symptoms. "Eat less and exercise more!" the endocrinologists repeatedly evangelized while I was running as many as 15 miles weekly and consuming 1,200 calories daily. The humiliation, the exhaustion, the feeling that maybe I was overeating or cheating, or just not good enough. It's a horrible beat down to be subjected to for years on end. My confidence was waning, my mind was tired, and my heart was broken,

Here's the link again for any newbies: Hashimoto's Root Cause Book

I was skeptical, sure. I was frustrated beyond reason before I started, but jumping in with both feet was the only way for me. I told my birthday to go screw and started the NEVER EVER diet in May, then after reading the above book, took far more drastic measures (start here to read that part of my journey). I have reaped the rewards, and am living proof that there is life after receiving a Hashimoto's diagnosis.

Nope, it's not easy. In fact, looking back, I'm flabbergasted at how hard it really was. The results though, I cannot accurately express to you how worthwhile the process has been. 

This past weekend I was feeling very shitty due to overindulging in delicious (but AIP friendly!) foods and drink. It was severely cold, we had a fire going all day, we enjoyed some champagne and wine, rich foods, etc. It was a fine holiday celebration but it was dragging my ass down big time.

On Saturday I decided to draw the line: no more overindulgence. I put myself on roasted veg, lean protein and bone broth with fermented cabbage and immediately felt better. As of today I've lost 3 holiday pounds, my energy is back and there is a pep in my step. I'm telling you, this works! Sticking to it can be hard sometimes but you can do it. Once in a while I fall off the wagon. I'm human. The important thing is getting back on the wagon and righting the ship and doing everything I can to stay the course once righted. 

If I can do it, you can do it! Pinkie swear.

Next year, I decided a month ago, will be the year of running. I want to beat my peak performance year (2011) and get back into the swing of serious running. Not trying to win races (nay!) but getting back my stride. To this end I have joined with two friends to take on 2,016 miles in 2016. It will mean averaging 13 miles per week - and I am PSYCHED!

Until we meet again, Happy New Year. Here's to good health, good times and good YOU! Cheers!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Temptation & How I Beat It

December 23rd, 2015

Happy Christmas eve-eve one and all! Also Happy Festivus, if you celebrate that. It occurred to me as I was stalking the grocery store shelves last night that I have an odd, seemingly counter-productive way of dealing with all of the temptations the winter holidays present. It totally works, or I wouldn't bother, so here goes:


Prior to this year I can honestly say that I've never made it through a holiday season without cheating in some way. I never had any gluten, but lots of sugar and high-carb flours were employed in unsuccessful attempts to recreate my favorite cookie recipes. It never really worked out but I ate my mistakes. Not good! And most definitely not Paleo, let alone AIP.

It started quite by accident whilst attending a Christmas happy hour put on by the owners of the building I work in. These folks are all about Christmas (a sentiment I can appreciate!) and they put on the Ritz for the holiday; the entire public area is decorated tastefully with twinkling lights and garlands of golden fabric, toy trains, twinkling stars, and the ever present sound of carols playing over the sound system. I go to this happy hour to have a glass of wine, knowing full well that I can't eat any of the wonderful food they cater in for the event. 

This year folks from our company took up residence at a table adjacent to the milk and cookies table, which included a decorate-your-own-sugar cookie station (new!). I work with normal people who can eat food, and they hit the cookie table hard. 

Let me be very honest with you: I was close to tears when we pulled up next to that table. In my previous life, before I knew what was wrong with me, I was a Christmas cookie Queen. I made at least 6 kinds and gifted them to everyone, including myself. I made classics from my childhood and a few that I'd picked up along the way, plus a new one each year. It was crazy. I spent a fortune on butter, Crisco sticks, flour and sugar, not to mention delicious things like macadamia nuts, white chocolate, brandied cherries... I could go on. I won't. Suffice to say, I miss my damn cookies.

My friend and employee, also an artist, was the first person on the decoration line. She decked her cookie out and grabbed a couple of other selections from the table.  After she ate them I asked if I could have her napkin to blow my nose, and when I put the napkin up to my nose I inhaled.

Er. Mah. Gerd!

Eventually I blew my nose, but mostly I just took in the aroma. It was better than eating them, believe it or not. After a few good sniffs I no longer wanted a cookie, and my stomach actually started to hurt a little. Like, ouch, I know eating that would hurt me (thank you brain!) and I was done. Had enough. It was quite the breakthrough let me tell you!

A few nights ago my hubby made his mother's famous Swedish meatballs (something he can make gluten free) with a delicious sauce that is strictly verboten for me, there's nothing AIP about it. Well this year I encouraged him to make them the normal way and enjoy. He did. When I thought the aroma was about to kill me, I hoped the Crockpot and took a big whiff - and was done. 

Seriously - try this! 

But whatever you do, don't taste. Trust me, you don't need to. Just give yourself a chance to take in the scents of the season without putting them in your mouth. I promise it will make you feel at least a little bit better.

I'll have another update for you in a few days regarding my setback and improvement of same. Until then, have a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Not So Fast: We Need To Talk About Winter

December 17th, 2015

Lord what a series of setbacks I have suffered, and I'm chalking it all up to the season. Listen, I have always hated winter - always. Since my kidhood outside of Chicago, to Pennsylvania, back to Illinois, on to Colorado... and then it stopped, because I was in southern Nevada, and then I moved back to Colorado. See, winter is merely a state of mind in southern Nevada (for the most part, at least) and I imagine it's the same way in any of the warmer climes. The shortage of daylight was a little bit of a bummer, but you could be outside all times of the year and not hate being outside. Running was awesome in the winter (as long as I could manage it during the hours of sun) and there was rarely snow or ice or freezing temps. Not for nothing, you get used the hot part of the year and 50's feel like freezing temps after a while but you can totally overcome that with the power of the mind.


After all the progress I've made this year, it all seemed to come to a screeching halt shortly after Thanksgiving. That's when the weather turned, and it snowed some, and now it's frigging cold. We had days of clouds and wind, and it's far too cold to be outside for any extended period of time. For normal people, is what I'm saying. If you're skiing or something, sure. I don't ski. I used to but I got to an age where paying lots of money to slide down a mountain and freezing my face off just didn't seem worthwhile any longer, so I stopped.

I digress again, sorry about that.

So I gained a couple of pounds while I was trying to lose a couple. Not that big of a deal. Cut out snacks and cut way back on honey consumption, and nothing. Then the hair started to fall out in handfuls. That's a sign, a big one. Then stress set in because nothing is very certain in life right about now, so there's that. Then I started to be sluggish and sleepy all day long. 

Some of this is being combated with supplements. The sleepy all day syndrome, for example, is being addressed by the fabulous Dr. Jessica and a supplement she recommended called Gaba Calm. It has worked near miracles for me in just a week; I'm taking two before bed and when I wake up I'm awake, I'm refreshed, and I'm ready for the day. It's fantastic.

But the hair - oh, the hair. This is an oldie but goodie. I haven't had that symptom in quite some time. 

And the eczema, Lord help me. But that I knew would be coming back, it's pretty much inevitable. 

Most recently, brain fog came back. 

I'm hovering just under 152 pounds, a net gain of almost 7 since I reached my goal. It's upsetting but not totally unexpected; still, it drives me insane because I've worked so hard, and changed my whole life, and haven't compromised in the slightest.

Bowels started misbehaving too, and upon inspection I noted that I was pooping undigested food again. I doubled my Betaine HCL with Pepsin, and started taking L-Glutamine again. This has helped some, and at least I'm not pooping strings of spag squash any longer, but I'm not nearly as regular as I was. Hence the sluggish feelings and brain fog. As the bowel goes, so goes the rest of the body, I say.


I went to see Dr. Jessica today and she informed me that I am dealing with leaky gut again, and I can't for the life of me figure out why, or how that happened. I was thinking the other day that I need to go hard core again, do a cleanse after the holidays (or start one during the holidays, it matters not, for I cannot and do not cheat on my diet (except at Disneyland, and I'm not going to Disneyland)), and I guess that's what I need to do. Button it all up, go back to easily digestible foods, hit the bone broth hard, lots of fermented goods, etc. 

She has given me something to help with the leaky gut, but it has to be food related (doesn't it?). I just can't figure out what is causing the strife. I've been on the same foods with very few additions or exceptions since August. Why would I have  flare all of the sudden?

One word: winter. 

I have no scientific proof, but I think I'm on to something. Hypothyroidism combined with the time of year when our ancestors slept more, packed on pounds to stay warm, and just stunk because they were spooning a fire wrapped in animal hides - there must be something in our hidden brain chemistry that flips a switch. Put that in the same arena with the slow thyroid and BAM, you have a cage match that not even clean living, organics and whole foods has a hope of winning. 

Again, I sigh...

Anyone else having this kind of trouble? Talk to me! I don't want to be the only one.

Monday, November 30, 2015

200+ Days: My Final Post?

Monday November 30th, 2015

Howdy all, welcome back! I am shocked to say that I completely forgot to post on day #200 (on Thanksgiving day, coincidentally) and I do apologize whole heartedly for that oversight. In my defense I was quite busy cooking a traditional feast (paleo AIP style, of course!) and shuttling dogs outside for potty time in some very crummy weather BUT that's not a good excuse.

What I don't want to do is try to reinvent what other bloggers have done by posting recipes and medical shenanigans - that's not me, and I'm not up for it. I have plenty to keep my busy in life and most of the time I just wing what's-for-dinner unless it's a big deal type of meal (like Thanksgiving, for example!). I dig for AIP recipes or just paleo recipes that I can modify to be AIP friendly and take it from there. A good example: I searched for an AIP pumpkin pie recipe but had no luck, so I settled for pumpkin pie cupcakes. They turned out to be pudding, never did set (with no eggs or binders it was no small wonder). I'm not a creator of recipes, I'm a follower of recipes. What I'm saying is that I don't want to step out of my role as a casual blogger and try to step into someone else's! 

So, this is going to be my final post. 

The reason is simple: I've told my story, and there is no need for me to go on and on about it. I have adopted a new lifestyle that is keeping the weight off of my Hashimoto's riddled body, and I still swear by it and feel great. I have no new insights for you all, I'm just as happy as a kitten with a saucer of cream, and therefore I will continue to live my life in this way.

If you found any inspiration in my blog then it has served it's secondary purpose; the primary was to help me figure out what I was doing and getting down my feelings and the results of the actions I took as part of this journey.

Thank you for joining me!

From the bottom of my heart, after 200 plus days - here's to 20 years of the same! Good health, good habits and happy life to you all.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

178 Days: An Update Of Sorts

November 4, 2015

Hola everyone! I'm getting ready to take this blog to the next level of distinction: posting milestone anniversaries only. I don't want to bore anyone and at this time I'm on auto-pilot, having not changed the diet and having no wild fluctuations in health or weight to report. I've reached cruising altitude with the supplements and eating habits, I have some vices still that I know I will revisit any time I happen to be in Disneyland, and I am doing my best to remain stable. My next big goal is remission, which may be impossible given the length of time I went with my immune system beating the shit out of my thyroid - but if it's worth doing, it's worth doing big! I am aware that a goal of this nature will take years, and that there may not be any change no matter how focused I stay - and I'm okay with that.

I have had success with grape based vodka since my last post. It's the only AIP friendly vodka that is tolerable (that sweet potato stuff ruined me for a minute, I can still taste it!), and  the stinging bite is easily tamped down with a splash of dry vermouth. Shaken like crazy with lots of ice and fresh lemon twist it's fabulous! So yeah, another problem solved.

I have no intention of adding non traditional AIP food items into my diet, such as rice and white potatoes, at this time. That my change but I have never done well with starch, and those fuggers are so addicting. A lot like sugar. It's a good thing that the sugar gives me a tummy ache or I would be all up in that to this day!

The other thing that's happening is in the world, and it's a great development. More and more people are adopting the Paleo lifestyle, which means that the necessary foods are becoming more and more available. Lots of Paleo friendly snacks are appearing on the shelves of high end markets and health food stores. I do have to read carefully what is in them because they aren't all AIP friendly, but many of them are. This makes my little heart so happy!

I'll be back on day #200, and will post sporadically after that. I hope that you are all doing well on your journey and thank you for following along with me on mine.

Until we meet again, I bid you fondly adieu! Take care, reach out if you need to and always remember to take care of YOU!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

UPDATE: I Tried Tomatoes Again

...and woe be to me!

I thought that maybe I could get away with cooked tomatoes, as in tomato sauce, because I had a smidge of El Pato on an omelette a few weeks ago not realizing that it isn't hot sauce, but tomato sauce. That didn't bother me at all, but then again I probably only had a teaspoon of it total.

So last night I baked off a spag squash and made some delightful Bison spaghetti sauce with just the tiniest can of tomato sauce you can get your hands on. I ate with abandon; heavens it was delicious. You never really know that you're missing certain foods until you taste them, know what I'm saying? Spaghetti sauce was that way for me, ermahgerd. Anyhoo I ate it and felt fine

for a little while

and then, it hit. 

Acid burning away at my stomach lining, the burn rose to my throat and bloated my tummy to a (luckily small) pregnant pooch. Damn it. Damn it to hell. Tomatoes are a definite no.

On a lighter note (wink-wink) I averaged 149.8 last week, which is more than I want to weigh, so I've been taking it easy on the calorie consumption while also ticking the workouts up a tad. Today I weighed 148.4. A step in the right direction is better than a step in the wrong direction - I'll take it!

Nothing much else to tell you about today, so I'll call it a day.

Peace out, and a happy Halloween to one and all!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

WOW Where Have I Been?

Hola readers of the blog! Sorry it has been so long but I was really into enjoying my vacation and the whole relaxation thing got serious. I didn't open or read my email for 6 whole days - that's a huge, major biggie for me. Totally needed it, and now I'm back and none the worse for the wear, I'd say.

Here's what I did wrong:

The list isn't very long, surprisingly. And all of the sins happened at Disneyland. Shocker!

0. I forgot my probiotics. Again. I swear, going on trips makes me too crazy. I tried to make up for it by purchasing some after Disneyland but the damage was done; I got all kinds of backed up. Sigh.

1. I ate popcorn. Lots of it! Salty, hot, fake butter-y, and delish. I received no stomach upset for this sin.

2. I drank a Coke Zero. I know, I know - it's full of crap but sometimes it just sounds so GOOD. It didn't taste that great though, and I went crawling back water, begging forgiveness for going astray.

3. Yep. I did. I hate my self for it, but I hit the sugar hard.

The weapon: a special 60th anniversary Mickey Mouse chocolate covered caramel apple with marshmallow ears, with the bottom half dipped in white chocolate and decorated with blue sparkle sugar. 

May I be candid? It was awful. It made my teeth hurt, my stomach ache, and my fingers sticky. It was over the top, especially the blue sugar parts. I ate a marshmallow ear first, and Lord did it hit me like a belly bomb! I ate some of the top part, got a few good tooth-fulls of caramel, ate a good portion of the apple, offered it around, and threw it away. There wasn't enough water for me on the planet that night, I was so incredibly thirsty!

So, live and learn. I mean, not that I didn't know, seriously - I freaking know. Sometimes we choose to ignore good sense and go with something else entirely, is all I'm saying. At least I didn't hit the cow's milk! Okay sure, it's in chocolate... but... I'm out of excuses.

Next up: I did follow my diet rules during the cousins weekend in Palm Springs. I went to Whole Foods to get myself some Karen-only supplies, and stuck to them while eating the protein and some of the veg from the feast all around. I was relatively sedentary, got out for a 5-mile run one day, did some light hiking and a quick jog another day, but was mostly content to hang out in or around the pool reading. 

I gained a whopping 2 pounds but I'm on it like a weasel on a hen house because I need that shit off! Can't let the winter gain cycle start or it will get out of hand. I don't have an average weight right now because I was away from a scale for 7 days, but will catch back up with you next week.

I fell way behind on my step counts after getting 25,000 each day at Disneyland. My Fitbit might as well have been dead, I didn't wear it for the majority of the weekend. I spent most of that time in a lounge chair reading, or in the pool floating or having super soaker wars with anyone that happened to be hip to it. I am now feeling the brunt of that laziness! 

So I'm home now, and back to work, and picking  up where I left off with workouts and intervals, I even have a 10k this weekend. I'm glad to be home but I miss the desert warmth, and that will take a few days to get over. 

I haven't added any foods unless you count the popcorn (I didn't, because I looked on it as an anomaly) and I have no intention of adding anything until this weekend at the soonest because my system is still trying to get get over the severe lack of probiotics and fermented veg! And when I do officially try to add something, it will be popcorn.

Just for fun, here's a panorama of the view from the backyard in Palm Springs. Love the house, love the town, love the mountains...

Talk to you soon!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Vacation On The Near Horizon

Is the near horizon even a thing? Maybe what I meant was the in the near future? Event horizon? Definitely not that, what a crap movie!

Regardless of what I mean vs. what I said, we're leaving on vacation tomorrow night. I'm totally psyched and totally worried, because the first place we're going for two glorious days is the happiest place on earth, none other than

What's the problem, you ask? If you've been reading this blog or you know me, I won't have to answer that question for you. Assuming that neither of the previous are true, I will explain like so:

Why? Because they are absolutely frigging delicious. Look at them, all covered in sugar, chocolate, hiding a thick coating of caramel underneath those adorable designs! They are temptation in one photo.

There's another thing I always eat at Disneyland, and it comes under the cover of cuteness (just like everything else in the entire frigging park):

How cute is that bucket??? It's not just cute, but it comes filled to overflowing with hot, salty popcorn guaranteed to send a child into an insane state of hypertension. I ask you, how much temptation can a paleo gal withstand??? I guess I'm about to find out!

Good news: searching for images of the caramel apples just a few minutes ago, I felt my stomach flip and even ache a little. I sincerely hope I can remember that when I'm smelling warm sugar all around me. As for the popcorn, I've been meaning to try it anyway. Not necessarily the non-organic, total GMO stuff though. I imagine what will happen is that hubby will get some and I'll try a few bites. 

Fingers crossed, peeps - this is going to be a big, new test for me and my willpower! 

After Disneyland we have four days in Palm Springs with the hubby's cousins and siblings; every year we take over an estate for 3-4 days and seldom leave the confines (I leave almost daily to get in a run at sea level in the amazing desert). I'll try to write later in the week from the compound, let you all know how I did.

In the meantime, enjoy my vacation!

Peace :-)

Friday, October 9, 2015

UPDATE: Vodka is Evil

K, maybe not patently evil or anything, but it has put a hurtin' on me for almost a full week now. Crying out loud, I would have thought it'd be out of my system but I guess what really happened is that I got "glutened". There are those who argue that there is no gluten in wheat or grain derivative alcohols due to the distillation process (what is bottled is distillate, which is drops of liquid collected from vapor) but I now believe them to be absolutely wrong.

Why? Am I smarter than they are? Probably not (but maybe!) but because my body is telling me differently. Also some folks far smarter than I have written about this, and cautioned Celiac suffers to never drink alcohol derived from wheat or "neutral grain spirits". I didn't want to believe them. I do now. I've experienced the horrific side effects for the past six days, and no matter what I do it seems that the symptoms will only clear with time.

As of this morning, I still have the headache that I've had since the middle of the night Sunday 10/4. I am experiencing gastric distress, retaining water like a sponge, suffering fatigue and feelings of high anxiety. It's annoying! And worse for me, I'm gaining weight without having made any changes to diet or exercise levels. 

Feck, Had I known, I wouldn't have. 

Well I guess I knew but I didn't want to believe. Lesson learned, the hard way, as usual. 

Hey happy Friday all, sorry to be such a Debbie downer but DAMN, this has been a week. Don't make my mistakes, please. Listen to the people who know better, and when tempted to throw caution to the wind for just that one taste of [whatever] that you love but aren't supposed to eat, remember the agony and how doing just one little thing wrong can set you back. As in way back. 

Then don't do it.

I know how hard temptation is to deal with - trust me! I have to wrestle with it every day, sometimes several times. But in the end I know that what I'm trying to do is for my own good, and will elevate my health and enjoyment of life, so why jeopardize that? For a moment of flavor bud bliss?

Don't. Do. It.

Monday, October 5, 2015

UPDATE: One More Time - I'm Stupid!

Monday October 5th, 2015

It's October - OCTOBER! How the hell did that happen? September went by like VOOM! And gone. Thanks for the warning, time. Love it when you just fly by and leave me all confused.

Hokay, so. Instead of adding popcorn as per my previous plan, I decided that I wanted a martini. 

Yes. Did.

It was Saturday, I was feeling lonely for my old friend vodka; it had been 5 months since my last sip of it, you see, and I have a long history with this favorite of all the spirits. Not thinking, or rather thinking incorrectly that since I'd partaken of it for so many years it couldn't possibly bother me, I had one. Just a nice Ketel One martini straight up with a twist, the way I like it. 

It tasted pretty darn good, best one I've ever had as far as I could recall. I drank it slowly, got a little "WOOOO!" and called it good. For about three hours, then not so much.

The headache was a rager, it stayed with me all night and all day Sunday. Tylenol couldn't touch this thing, but that was only half of the problem. The other half was in my stomach, which felt a lot like I'd swallowed molten tar or something - it didn't just hurt, it burned, but not in that heartburn kind of way. It was absolutely miserable. 

I also had some shorter bouts with brain fog, hot flashes, dry eyes, blurred vision... as if I'd been poisoned. Because I was, only I did it to myself quite willingly.

Live and learn another tough lesson: just because you didn't think you reacted to something prior to elimination and deprivation, that doesn't mean you didn't! Think about it, the whole body was being bombarded by reactions constantly, so stacking reactions on top of each other OF COURSE you wouldn't note a reaction. Duh. 

I know this, and yet I try to convince myself - I just occasionally want to feel "normal" again, and sip a lovely martini with my hubby. Sigh...

That said, there is a vodka made from sweet potatoes that I want to try... 

Shaking my head, rolling my eyes; yep, I get it. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

UPDATE: Another Addition, Another Disaster

The best thing I can say about this process of addition and re-elimination is: at least I know now how many foods were conspiring against my health and making me feel like shit. Thank you! I appreciate that! But seriously, I'm very surprised! Many, many of these foods were going into my body multiple times weekly, some daily (milk and cheese), or multiple times daily (milk for shizzle). WOW. Scary. No wonder, no wonder, no wonder!

Last night I had the gall to try pistachios. Mind you, this was a food that, prior to the elimination phase, I ate probably 2-3 times a week. Yikes. 

The first thing that happened was a headache, but! I had a very stressful day so I told myself with a wink and nod that the headache could have been coming anyway. LOL! 

This morning I was very groggy, moving in a fog, and am still sleepy. I only got 7 hours in but that isn't excuse enough for how sluggy I feel today. IN SPITE OF THAT, I went ahead and had some more pistachios after breakfast - it couldn't be them, could it? Really?


Ten minutes later, headache. Damn it to hell.

Not that it really matters; honestly, I don't care anymore and will happily leave something out of my diet (that has already been out for 5 months, thank you very much) knowing that it's something my body rejects. I get it. 

What I'm hating now are the reactions themselves. Is that wrong? Probably, but dang it, going through the rejection and getting my body right again is awful, it's miserable, and somehow I keep teeing these introductions up to try it all over again. I must be nuts!

Pistachios, nuts - get it? Tee-hee.

Anyway, enough whining for today.

Once these symptoms clear I will, for whatever reason, be trying organic popcorn. Yes, it does exist. I'm pretty sure it's GMO but I couldn't find any that said it wasn't. So, it's worth a shot right? Ha ha! I make myself laugh. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

UPDATE: Tomato and Cashew Introductions

Sorry all, I completely forgot to report my total 100% tomato failure to you the other day!

So not that happy about it, and must have pushed it from my brain. Meanwhile some good stuff happened too, but let's save that, shall we? Okay then.

Tomatoes seemed innocent at first; when I diced some very finely and cooked them into an egg scramble for breakfast, I noticed no reaction. The following day I decided to eat some raw and ERMAHGERD, so not good. Frankly I eat them cooked more often than raw, but it was worth checking out because who doesn't like some nice tomato in their guacamole, salad, on a sammy, whatever? I diced up two slices of crazy expensive, organic heirloom tomatoes and dropped them on top of my soup.

Lord help me, within 20 minutes I had heartburn up to my eyeballs. It was so bad, so acidic, I became convinced that the damn things were coming out of my nose at any moment. I put up with it for a while but when it didn't go away I chewed up a couple of Tums and (thank heavens) it subsided, but not before a nasty pain started in my upper GI region; the pain stayed for a day and a half. Not good.

I took my four days off to let that sit, and get it out of my system. So then, I think: gee, I'll bet I could try cashews again, it's been a while. And like the fool that I am, I grab a handful of organic, raw cashews and chomp them down before dinner.


The reaction was swift and decisive. I should probably not try cashews again ever, but I'm sure I will because damn it they're so good, and so handy! But for now: no. Just no.

It has now been 4 days since I tried that and guess what? I'm going to try something else that is likely to cause me a great deal of agony: popcorn. Yep, I said it: popcorn. If I can find some that's organic, that is. Not so sure it exists, because I've never looked for it, oh but I will! With some lovely melted grass fed butter, yum!

Good things that happened: strength training is paying off in spades, yet again. On Saturday I went to that 8k I was dreading, and I killed it. KILLED IT! I set myself a new record pace (12:18/mile) and finished the dang thing in 1 hour, 1 minute. Whaaaaaat? I know! I was so in the zone that I didn't notice the miles going by, it was amazing! My favorite EVER!

Also, there was no kayaking, too damn cool in the morning and we really didn't feel like hauling the damn things up on top of the car! Truth. So instead we took the little dog and went hiking around the 11 mile reservoir. It was a gorgeous day, I felt like a million bucks in very large bills, the dog had fun - it was glorious.

Right, back to it, just thought I'd share another defeat or two, and another victory or two too. 


Friday, September 25, 2015

UPDATE: No New Additions, More Changes

Howdy everyone!

It's Friday and I'm happy about it and I'm not about to hide that. Woo and hoo!

Today I wanted to talk to you about more of those signs that your body gives you as things change. I'm experiencing another one of those physical epiphanies, this time with my kraut. First it was the L-Glutamine powder, now this. I had some really delicious white cabbage-pear kraut last week that I didn't finish until yesterday, which in and of itself is quite an anomoly given that just a few weeks ago I was running out of my home made stuff and had to supplement with store bought - but now I just opened a fresh jar of red cabbage with apple and...

I just don't want it.

I've eaten some, and want no more. It isn't bad, my stomach is totally telling me "no thank you", and this is a signal that I have to be receptive to, and I now am. The stomach rolling over when something is put into your mouth is a sign people! 

So, yeah. Two weeks ago the powder stuff, now my home made kraut, and oh by the way, my appetite is waning of late. I'm thinking/hoping that the remainder of the crud I came down with last weekend is causing that, but my average weight has dropped to 146.4, and I'm just not eating with gusto right now. If this does not pass I may call my Endo and ask for an early blood test, as this may be caused by my thyroid levels.

My double secret hope is that I can find remission from Hashimoto's thyroid damage and eventually be taken off of Levathroxine and stop seeing the Endo all together. That's the dream, kids. Just putting it out there so that the universe has a chance to soak it up and maybe spit back something nice.

Today I have a headache, and a dull feeling of yuckiness in my chest, but I have an 8k to run tomorrow that I'm regretting monstrously (how was I to know I would get sick and lose a week of training? the things we can't predict..) in a rather hilly area of town. The worst thing that could happen is not being able to run much of it, I suppose. I can walk like a maniac and take forever to do it if that what I need to do, eh?

This weekend is supposed to be just gorgeous for the time of year, so I'm trying to plan some nice outdoor activities for the hubby and I. We're talking about kayaking on Sunday even though the temp on the mountain will be quite chilly in the morning. I'd really like to get out and see some fall foliage (those aspens are changing right now!) and relax a little bit before the week starts; work is incredibly busy and rather stressful right now. 

Without further ado, I bid you fare-the-well for now, and until we meet again - peace!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

UPDATE: Chile Pepper & Tomato Introductions

Well hello there my Hashimoto's fighting friends! I hope that the late summer/early fall is treating you kindly, and that you are enjoying good weather and good health. This is my favorite time of the year - not because pumpkin spice everything is starting to appear on store shelves, in commercials and on FaceBook, but because: weather. I love the weather in the fall, love it! It's warm but the sunlight is filtered in that special way that makes the changing leaves appear to be lit up from within, and makes the sky look so blue that you take your sunglasses off to be sure it really is. Not only that but all of the yummy squash are in high season, and the warm scented candles are making their first appearance on store shelves. Just this morning I picked up caramel (yum!) and cinnamon-nutmeg scented candles; they are filling my home with delicious fragrances as I type.

Meanwhile in the oven...

A gaggle of white sweet potatoes are baking up so that I can make myself some sweet potato waffles (they freeze beautifully), and two white squash baking so that I can scoop their sweet, soft insides out for a lovely custard. In the crock pot is a giant chuck roast slow roasting on a bed of onions with a jar or pepperocini thrown in for deliciousness. OH! And we have a load of organic, pastured chicken wings in the smoker for a football afternoon snack. Life is good!

All of the spiciness is possible now because YES, I have successfully reintroduced chile peppers!!!!! Can I get an Amen? I'm so beside myself it isn't even funny! I love those bad boys so much, all kinds of them, and boy do they make Paelo cooking more fun, adding some depth and spice to the mix. After the requisite waiting period, I also added organic heirloom tomato this morning, and haven't had a reaction so far. It's only been 4 hours so I'll save the celebration, lol. Tomorrow I'll have some with each meal and see how that goes. I like tomatoes, but I really only like heirlooms and not all the time, so that one is a nice to have but not a 'can't live without it' for me. Still, nice to have the options.

Sadly I have also come down with some crud, after the hubby was sick with a cold all week and I was mistakenly confident that I wouldn't come down with anything. HA! Joke's on me. I have either a bad cold or the start of a sinus infection. Regardless I made myself take some Tylenol Cold, stuff I hate to take, so that I could get through the cleaning of the house and handle the cooking I need to do. I feel crappy but it's not the end of the world, it's not even 1:00 PM yet and I'm done, so I have the whole day to rest and relax. I see a nice, soothing bath in my future!

Went for a run yesterday with the sickness in my sinuses and throat, so I didn't make it very far, only 2.5 miles. I was so anxious to get home that I ran the entire thing and killed my previous mile time, but it wasn't worth it. I spent most of the rest of the day recovering from putting myself through that. But I'm happy to be sticking with the interval and strength/toning exercises, it will become more important to honor those commitments as the fall takes hold and people tend to become complacent!

Currently my average weight is 147.5. That's a little higher than I want it to be, but I'll take it. I guess I have to take it! I'm pushing to stay closer to 145 than 150, and it looks like I split the difference - that'll do just fine for the moment.

Well, it's time to check on my roasting things...


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UPDATE: Paprika Intro And "When Your Body Says No, Listen To It"

Tuesday September 15th, 2015

Hola happy people! I've missed blogging and it's great to be back after the nearly debilitating brush with processed food/sugar overdose/alcohol. I feel great this week, and after a two week rest from food introductions I've made the leap to another nightshade, paprika. I may never forgive eggplant for making me feel so super shitty, but I have a fresh perspective on the remaining food addition items and am going to give a couple of the failures another shot. 

First, the results on day three of paprika = clear. No reaction whatsoever, and I have used quite a bit of it since not having a reaction to the first ingestion on Saturday. I just want to be sure I'm clear, hear me? So yes, I have stopped just short of rubbing on my skin by rubbing it on a pork roast, then steaks, and finally chicken. I think I've covered the items I want to use paprika on, and no reaction. Oh happy day!

Second, I've decided to give cashews, pistachios (separately) and grass fed milk another go. Maybe I'm too stubborn for my own good, but if I can't have dairy I'd like to have cashews to make pretend cream sauces (they are SO GOOD! if you haven't tried them and can tolerate cashews please do). But, because I grow increasingly weary of frigging coconut milk, I have to try grass fed milk again. I know, big sigh, I imagine you see some writing on the wall - well, I refuse to see it just yet. Lord knows I've been patient, and I think that even if I can't add milk when I try it this time, I will probably try it again! Not until much, much later, but - it's hard to give up on this one, for me at least.

Third, best news EVER, my weight has stabilized a bit, and my average is now hovering around the 147 mark. I can live with that. I have lived with that! I went shopping with Mrs. Jenn the other day and she threatened me with physical violence to get me to try on a pair of size 8 Pixie Pants at Old Navy; I had tried on a 12 last year and they were so tight that I couldn't button them, so I was leery at best. Well, I tried them on. They felt odd because I was wearing running shorts and the waistband was thick, but I bought them anyway. Washed and wore them yesterday and guess what? They fit! They weren't tight, they looked adorbs and damn it I should have had someone take a picture. Next time.

Here's a snippet of my reintro schedule for the next few weeks:

I'm not sure what I'm going to try for hard liquor. Vodka is out, it's either made from wheat or potatoes or something else I can't have, and it's the only spirit I've ever really cared for. That one remains TBD. Perhaps I'll try potato instead there, and push the hard liquor out further, until there's something I'm interested in drinking. Dunnow.

So. Chile pepper. I spelled it wrong there. Very excited - very! To get to try a green chile. I love me some green chile, New Mexican (Hatch) being the best, but hardest to come by here in southern Colorado where Pueblo chiles are very popular. Suffice to say this is one of the key ingredients in LIFE in the southwest, and I love them dearly, and miss them. Tomorrow I will get to try them. Super YAY!

Tomatoes are next after that, and while I have missed them a little, I'm not that excited. Life without tomato hasn't been bad. Having to find organic tomatoes is probably the most daunting part of this for me, and I'm sure that next spring I'll plant a whole mess of organic, non-GMO veggies in my garden and it will save me a ton of money because that stuff ain't cheap! Sadly I have a brown thumb so... we shall see.

Finally today: "When Your Body Says No, Listen To It": 

This is a lesson I have learned over the last 128 days, but it can be difficult to read the signs correctly because sometimes the thing your body wants to say no to is something that is good for you, seemingly. Case in point: L-Glutamine powder. This is an amino acid supplement that I have been taking since June. It's a flavorless, odorless powder that I've added to my tea or bone broth after breakfast daily. Very recently it has started to taste absolutely vile to me, much like the amino acid "shakes" did way back in June. Yesterday I managed to glug down my scoop of the powder dissolved in bone broth, but just barely. That was when I realized what was happening - my body had been, increasingly over the few days prior, starting to reject this supplement. When something that is odorless and tasteless starts to taste awful, it's a sign! So here's my sign: stop. I put the powder away and am not taking it for a while. If things change and I think I need to start again, I'll give it a shot. But much like food introductions going poorly, having a reaction suddenly to something that you've been ingesting for some time is probably an indication that your body doesn't need it anymore, or at least that it's time for a break. 

Once again,
So please, no lawsuits. I'm just a person like you, changing my life and getting more in tune with my body, and listening to the clues it gives to me.

Until we meet again, Peace!

Friday, September 11, 2015

That Sugar Thing, It's No Joke

Friday September 11th, 2015

First of all, today is a day of reflection and prayer, in my humble opinion. I will never forget what happened on this day in 2001, I will never forget where I was, what I was doing, or how terrifying it was to see the events of that morning unfold - and hope that none of you will either. A candle burns in my heart for the lives lost that day.

I'm updating you today because I think it's important to be honest about what happens to your body when under the influence of sugar, and quite possibly too much caffeine as well. Over the long weekend I not only drank too much wine and ate a crap load of sugar (only once though, thank heavens), I also drank a lot of coffee in the morning. Probably 3-4 cups. We, as a group, went through 3-4 pots of coffee each morning and even though I was hydrating like a motherfucker, I know that much caffeine isn't a good idea. I went through all of this detoxing and whatnot only to poison myself! And frankly, I'm still paying the price for that.

Here's what I got in return for my weekend of over indulgence:

3 days of banging headaches
3 days of feeling flu-like symptoms (fever, body aches, nausea - these came and went)
4 days of kidney pain 
4 days of extreme fatigue

In short, I was a miserable pile of flesh and bone. I'm getting over it today but WOW last night I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. My left kidney hurt so much that I couldn't sit or stand comfortably, I had to go to bed at 8:30. It felt better when I was laying down but I have to tell you, this scared the shit out of me! Thinking in the back of my teeny brain - this couldn't all be from one weekend of misbehaving - or could it?

The answer is yes. Enter this into a Google search "can too much sugar make your kidneys hurt", the results will knock you over. 

Yes. Too much sugar OR caffeine can damage your kidneys and make them ache. Crazy, right? Well maybe not in my case. I have had several kidney function tests (before going Paleo AIP) come back abnormally low. So I may have some kidney troubles to begin with, eh? Now clean up the ol' body, and take better care of the kidneys for a few months, the tests come back normal (just a tad on the low side, according to my last labs that were drawn in June). A couple of months later, have an indulgent weekend and what happened? I overloaded my body with so much garbage that my kidneys said "F you!".

This is quite a revelation. And honestly - no wonder I felt so shitty all the time! Evidently my body wasn't firing on all cylinders, waste wasn't properly being removed from my bloodstream - how scary is that? Even more frightening - this was all because of FOOD. Wow. 

If you didn't believe me before, believe me now: what you put into your body matters, a lot. Don't do to yourself what I have done to myself. It's not worth it in the short or long run. Spending 4 days (it will be 5 or 6 by the time I feel better, I'm still dealing with it today, just on a much milder level) recovering from a 3-day weekend of "screw it, I'm gonna do what I want and even eat some damn marshmallows" isn't smart. I'm embarrassed that I let myself fall into that trap.

Be good to yourself. It's 100% worth the trouble it takes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Morning After OR The Vacation Hangover

Wednesday September 9th, 2015

Lerd my head hurts today...

Not only did I cheat a bit whilst in the mountains this past weekend, I also forgot my must-be-refrigerated probiotics. To make up for that small oversight I drank kefir and ate my weight on Bubbie's. I pooped like a champ, actually so that has me thinking that perhaps I don't need to keep taking the very expensive probiotics on a daily basis? I will most definitely check with Dr. Jessica when I see her in next week.

Meanwhile, back in my body, things are not great. 

I feel like doo-doo today, thank you very much. I'm back to eating the way I eat, which is all well and good, but OY the food hangover is terrific. I have a headache, my guts are bubbling, and even though I did have a major BM this morning I feel plugged up. I feel detached from reality (foggy), cranky, tired -- and all because of some over indulgence BOO but totally my bad. It may take a couple of days before I can feel normal again. I know there is a price to be paid for acting a fool when on vacation, and I'm paying it. 

Oddly enough, I met a lady in the outdoor saltwater spa who also started Paleo AIP in May, and she'd lost 27 pounds. We high five-d all around while the two of us sat there with alcoholic beverages in our mitts, she with a beer! It was kind of an "lol" moment because we were both evangelizing our new way of eating while TOTALLY breaking the rules! Good to know I'm not the only one, and good to know that it's survivable.

K, more bad news: my average weight has gone up a pound each week. I'm not happy about this development and will (trust me) be working hard to reverse that trend. If I hit an average of 150 I will NOT be happy! Right now I'm sitting at 148.4. Not terrible but I don't want it or need it to go any higher. Aaaaaaaa-men.

Anyway, we had a great time. Here's some photographic proof of said great time, and even though I'm hurting today I know that I will work through this, and with a little help from my inner-diet guru, I won't stray again. Until my next vacation. Coming up in 5 weeks. 

Oh, hell.

Beautiful, no? Yes.

The hubby and I are going back for our anniversary at the end of March. He might even be able to ski! Not I, not for love or money. I'll hang back and enjoy the spa, the fitness center, the hot tubs, pools, library, etc. And I'll make dinner. That's a good deal!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8th, 2015 - What I Did Right And Wrong On Vacation

Hey everyone, hope you all had a really great Labor Day weekend! I did, or I should say we did, spent it in the adorable ski town of Breckenridge with our dear friends from Las Vegas. We stayed in a condo on a gorgeous property with tasty views, pools, jacuzzis, transportation to a bustling activity area on the next ski hill via gondola and tons of great amenities. The town itself is an experience in shopping that takes me two days to cover because there are shops everywhere and always want to go into each and every one of them. It's a great place, we had a lot of fun, even got some exercise here and there (4.5 mile nature hike, walking the main street and, of course, at the fitness center on property. 

I did some stuff right:

Brought the foodstuffs that I can eat (eggs, pastured bacon, greens for salad, roast chicken strips, fermented cabbage, Paleo dressing, coconut milk, electrolyte water, club soda, coconut chips, sweet potato chips cooked in coconut oil, and very Paleo protein bars (Epic meat bars, heavens they are tasty!). We only ate in restaurants twice and that was easy enough, k? I ordered the way I knew to do, and the food was really quite good both times. I stuck to my food 99% of the time.

I did some stuff wrong:

Drank far too much coffee, as in 4-5 cups each morning. I also drank quite a lot of water but having that much coffee is overkill big time. I also drank too much alcohol; these folks are our cocktail pals and we don't let any moss grow on our drink cups, if you know what I mean. We drank a lot of wine. I also drank something that I would not normally allow myself to have - hard cider. I get tired of wine, what can I say? The Cidre from Stella Artois is delicious and gluten free. So I had a couple of those while enjoying a delightful sunset with my hubby, parked on the patio at the bottom of Peak 8. 



I really blew it. 

The resort has a fire pit, and they loan out long forks for the roasting of marshmallows. 

Now, in case I haven't said this before, I have a major weakness for marshmallows. I love them. I could wear them as clothing and eat my weight in them every day - that's how much I love them. 


After drinking too much wine for my own good yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and asked hubby to get a bag of the fluffy, white, sugary bastards and get a fork from the front desk. Yes, I ate toasted marshmallows. 

Not just a couple of them, more like 12. Maybe even more. Damn it to hell!

It just goes to show you that all of the good intentions and planning in the world sometimes cannot save you from yourself, and bloody temptation. I'm still super pissed at myself but I need to let it go. I got up this morning and felt so guilty that I went directly to the fitness center to work off that garbage, and I felt super DURRRR all day. Stupid, kind of like my brain wasn't connected to my body or something. Of course 3 straight days of partying didn't help that any! 

Okay, so I fecked up. I'm human. I screwed the pooch a little bit but I will recover and I am determined to keep that poison away from my mouth from here on. 

With Disneyland coming in just a few weeks, I am now officially worried about the temptation that is all over that park. 

One day at a time y'all. That's all I have. Forgive, move on, and don't screw up again. This is my mantra for today!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2nd: Milk Update and Before + After Pics

Howdy fighters of autoimmune disorders! I'm in a pretty good mood for someone just this side of a reintroduction FAIL. When it came to grass fed milk, my body simply said

And I accept that, because I sort of knew that milk was going to be a problem for me. Seems it has always sort of been. Sort of. Damn it, but hey - I have coffee, chocolate and wine! I'm gonna be okay!

Symptoms of reaction started with gas and bloating, and escalated to runny BMs on day two accompanied by some fabulous hot flashes and a headache. Enough for me to say, okay, I hear you body! No more milk.

So now, I've about had it with reactions for a while. Meaning I will be taking at least two weeks off from introductions, as I said I would. Sigh...

Problem: my weight has increased by 1 lb this past week to 147.9. No bueno! Some of that, I'm pretty sure anyway, is due to inflammation caused by the milk. 24 hours after ingesting 2 tablespoons of it in my tea I'm still suffering the gastrointestinal consequences, I'm afraid. For today I'm increasing bone broth and fermented items (I'm having coconut water kefir after breakfast instead of tea, for example) and staying far from sugar. 

Now for some good news - the strength training is paying dividends! Here are the before and after from the first 4 weeks of toning with Mrs. Jenn, during which time we progressed from 5 lb to 8 lb weights, and we will be starting to introduce 10 lb today! Yay!

     August 3                                       August 31

      August 3                                       August 31

In addition to the decidedly bad hair day I was having on Monday when the after pics were taken, I can see the difference in those arms! The bottom two are very surprising, they look like I had work done when in fact, I did work (see what I did there?). This is very encouraging and will keep me at it even when it's hard and I don't want to because it hurts!

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015 - Coffee Update & Grass Fed Cream Introduction

Right off the bat Imma me tell you how utterly grateful I am to the fine folks at Fitbit! Not only did they send a replacement quickly, it got here pretty quickly too! This is great because I'm lazy and I forget to turn on tracking and carry my phone with me A LOT, so I was missing valuable steps. Righteous guys - you are amazing!

I'd also like to speak for a moment about the unearthly delights we have been enjoying from our local sustainable/organic/pastured pork producer - the stuff gets better every time we try something new. I cooked up a batch of bacon on Thursday night to make breakfast a bit easier in the AM, and we couldn't even wait until it was cooled to start tasting it (and by tasting I mean "eating an entire piece each") because the aroma was absolutely intoxicating. The bacon is cut very thick, it has lots of meat and the fat bits - oh my dear God in heaven, they are just as chewy and tasty as you can imagine. I failed to take pictures, sorry, but take my word for it - you need to find someone near you or someone that can ship to you because this is the best food we've ever eaten. I can't wait to fill my freezer with beef from this ranch!

Have you ever seen someone get so excited about meat? Just sayin', it's the little things that make this lifestyle so much better and easier to live with. Sugar be damned, I want some pig candy!

My average weight right now is 146.9, which, again, I am quite happy with! The jeans I was afraid to put in the dryer two weeks ago are now baggy to the point of needing to put them in the dryer, so I'll see if I can talk myself into doing that when they get washed. The old habit of line drying jeans is going to be a tough one to break, never mind the damn fear that one day I will wake up and be 20 lbs overweight again. I realize that this is a problem that exists only in my head, and I aim to retrain my brain. I don't believe in shrinks. I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves. That's how I roll. That is why I started all of this life changing dietary stuff in the first place, right? Right.

Thanks to my trainer, Mrs. Jenn, I'm much stronger than I've been in years and as promised, this makes running easier. My endurance has increased by double, I would guess, after just a few weeks of strength and toning. 

New and/or noteworthy:

I took a stab at plantain waffles yesterday and boy was that a disaster! First off I had no idea what to look for in a plantain and they were all green so it didn't matter much anyway, but second - the recipes lie to you. They do! They flat out lie. I was never able to get the "batter" past the stage of still-had-tiny-lumps-of-plantain which I didn't know was what they meant by "batter", so I added some water and only ended up with watery "batter" that stuck to the waffle iron like that was its job. That part was frustrating and MESSY but the waffles were actually quite tasty. Sadly just refrigerating them overnight has made them dry as hell, and I can't swallow a bite without a chaser.

Bone broth is being added back into my daily routine as of today. I realized that I've been lacking this essential part of my diet for almost two weeks! Ridiculous. I got myself a Thermos and heated some of my fabu chicken broth this morning, giving myself about a cup and a half of delicious snack-sipping to have throughout the day.

Coffee is my friend! Totally passed with flying colors, I'm washing down my dry as hell waffle with a cup right now. I don't think I realized this before but it seems that coffee is my lobster (if you don't get the Friends television show, here's a clip from the YouTube for ye: She's Your Lobster - you're welcome) but IT IS! Loving having it back in my life and my tummy.

'k, so let's get real about grass fed milk: I have several problems. The first is that what you're supposed to intro initially is grass fed RAW cream. If I tried I'm sure that I could locate this item but the question I have is: how do I trust anyone selling this item to me? That is obviously not something you can buy in the grocery store no matter how earth-mothery that store is, because it isn't legal. So no.

Second, the next item is grass fed milk kefir. Ummmm, no. Again with the no. No one makes this, I have yet to locate kefir grains in any local earth-mother store and I sure as heck fire am not ordering them from the internet. Why? Because how do I know they are safe, or have been handled properly? 

Furthermore, it's not just me. Take this excerpt from an email I received just yesterday courtesy of Izabella Wentz:

"Raw Milk Myth

Some believe that the pasteurization process can potentially denature dairy proteins, making them seem even more foreign to the body, and increasing the likelihood of an immune response. This is why some raw milk advocates will state that only pasteurized milk is a problem and that everyone should drink raw milk.

This could be true, potentially, if you spent your entire life drinking only raw milk, however most of us have not. Unfortunately, if you have already been sensitized to the pasteurized cow’s milk proteins, you’re likely going to react to the raw milk dairy proteins. They are similar enough. "

I get it from the standpoint of adding things that are less reactive to most reactive - totally makes sense. But if these things are not realistic, then I have a problem. As with un-pasteurized milk. Yes I have heard all of the arguments about how much safer raw milk products are, but any fluctuation in refrigeration or temperature makes them vulnerable to all kinds of awful bacteria. As for me, no thanks.

So here is what I did get:

Look at that happy cow! So pretty, and oh my, her milk is very tasty. A little bit sweeter than regular milk, with this thick cream on top (that part kind of grossed me out actually, but I scooped some out and put it in my tea anyway, since I'm supposed to have cream - wink-wink). If I get through this addition without reaction, I will likely buy the 2% version of this milk hereafter, because my hubby will then partake of it as well. No need to buy two different milks, eh?

Next up: if I get through this milk situation, is going to be grass fed cheese. I will have to look into that one, not sure where to find it, but I'm sure someone has some Parmesan or whatever to try. THEN I'm going to take a break from introductions for a week or so. I'm tried, frankly, and I want to reassess what it is that I'm doing with the intros. There are more nightshades after grass fed moo-juice and after the reaction I had to eggplant (the least reactive of them all) I'm really iffy about going forward with the pepper intros. As in VERY. So I think I'll just regroup and keep posting updates for y'all, and figure out my next move. Frankly milk is the very last thing that I wanted to add because I do like it. As for nightshades I like paprika a lot (maybe I'll try that and skip the eggplant, which I don't care for so much?) but the rest of them I can totally live without. 

Stay tuned, and until next time - be healthy, be strong and take care!