Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day #10

Wednesday May 20th, 2015

Dr. Jessica gave me an herb to suck on and then swallow after all three of my main meals; it's called Gymnema, and it's supposed to help with my blood sugars (which have been higher lately). It tastes pretty horrid, I keep it in my mouth for as long as a can then swallow it. This herb makes me super heat up from my tummy to my face! Almost flushed. This morning was the third time I've taken it and I actually broke a little sweat. Crazy, no? According to WebMD I need to keep an eye on my blood sugar because this can make it drop too low. So now I'm going to be checking it obsessively, which will make the Endo go "Huh?" How to try something new without involving her? That is the question. I don't want or need a lecture on how I'm buying snake oil again.

Something I've been remiss in leaving out is my sleep. I think I addressed it briefly a couple of times, but haven't made a point of talking about daily. Sleep patterns are important because all healing and resets within our bodies happen while we sleep. 

The night of May 19-20 I slept poorly, as I had the three night previous. I was walking a lot, restless a lot, getting up at least twice per night, etc. There was lots of red or pink or whatever color it is on the Fitbit sleep tracker. Dr. Jessica recommended this powdered drink called Calm (pictured below) and I forgot to take it. Results in tomorrow's post!


Weight: 165.6 - see! Told ya! It's not time to get excited yet :-)
Energy level: Good - honestly, days on end of rain and clouds are making me feel a bit sluggish. I need sun!
BM: Yes, but little bitty today. Hoping for more later.
Other Gastro: Nada
Mental clarity: Pretty darn good
Mood: It would be better if the sun came out and dried up our basement, but for the most part, it's very good.

What I consumed:

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