Friday, May 22, 2015

Day #11

Thursday May 21st, 2015

I managed to get through a company happy hour without breaking my eating pattern! We converged upon a Mexican restaurant half a block from our office like a plague of locust - 30-something of us all at once. It was really fun. I was surrounded by tortilla chips (major weakness), queso dip, fried jalapeno poppers - all of it looked and smelled delicious. My good friend ordered some chicken drummies for me "bare" (no breading, no sauce) and they were delicious little chicken lollipops - so awesome. They turned out to be a huge hit at the party, and many platters of them were ordered and shared around. Chicken is what I would have had for dinner anyway, so this made me super happy. Life is good!

I had a teaspoon of the Calm drink last night before bed, and I fell asleep immediately. However I woke up 20 minutes later and felt wide awake - but wait, there's more! It took me a few minutes to fall back asleep but I slept like a log all night. All night! I didn't get up, I don't remember my dreams, I don't remember rolling over - nada. It was a perfect night of sleep. I'm super excited!

I'm having a fat day - I hate fat days. I feel bloated and like everything is skin tight even though it's not. Very strange. I've had them before but today is really bad because I'm very hungry, and having to hold myself back from eating. I've had tea, water, water, water, a little snacky, water, water, tea... I swear it's this awful, cloudy, cold, drizzly weather. It's just miserable.

Weight: 163.6 - still not excited!
Energy level: Good, not great. Still fecking raining. Bleh.
BM: Epic! Two of them, actually. 
Other Gastro: Fine, a wee bit hungry, but fine
Mental clarity: Decent - rain effects that in me too
Mood: Extremely good

What I consumed:

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