Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day #16

Tuesday May 26th, 2015

Hello again.

Today I feel rather under the weather in my gut region. Meh. Got super gassy last night (it's been a while!) after drinking red wine. Not sure if that was the cause but it's out of my diet now for several reasons: 

1) It didn't taste good to me
2) I had to force myself through the first glass
3) I think it's holding me back from getting better
4) You might be an alcoholic if you get through one and two, and then drink another glass!

So, yeah. Bye bye wine. It's bittersweet (much like wine itself - ha!) but I think the time is here. If I'm not enjoying it, what is the point? And I think part of why I'm not enjoying it is that I have the ghost of a feeling that it's truly hindering my healing process. So goodbye.

Honestly I think I miss coffee more than I will miss wine. And chocolate. Coffee and chocolate... I daydream of you!

More unhappiness of the day: I'm puffy again. Had to battle to put my wedding ring on. Clearly stuff is still wrong. Gas and bloating set in around 3:00, a couple of hours after lunch. All I ate was one braised chicken thigh and roasted cauliflower. WHY. IS. THIS. HAPPENING?

A little bit of happening: the girls did intervals at lunch instead of just walking. Felt great to jog a bit. I'm registered for the Rock 'n Roll 10k in Vegas on November 15th, so it's time to get jogging (not running) back into my life. Gotta train. Gotta have a goal. Gotta push myself or I'll feel stagnant and awful.


Weight: 163.4
Energy level: Meh.
BM: Yes, late in the morning, very bad. Smelled horrific and was as sticky as baby poop. Totally gross.
Other Gastro: Discomfort, gas, bloating
Mental clarity: Meh.
Mood: Better than yesterday, at least I'm not pissed off! I just feel like I don't care. Meh.

What I consumed:

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