Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day #2

Tuesday May 12th - well, here we are again! I made some troubling discoveries last night that I'd like to share. Over the weekend I picked up some uncured salami, thinking MEAT GOOD and not looking at the ingredients. What do you suppose ingredient number two is? Nonfat milk powder. Why, for the love of God, is there nonfat milk powder in salami? Anyway, doesn't matter, I had to give it to the hubby because I can't eat it. I am pretty damn good about checking labels usually, but it didn't even cross my mind. So, here's a tip for y'all: check EVERY label, including lunch-meats and meat-meats. Crying out loud. I'm sad because it was some very delicious salami! Poor me.

Trader Joe's balsamic glaze has "modified starch" in it, which is a frightening Frankenstein of a food-thing that I don't want in my body, and it may or may not contain gluten. Regardless it is made from one of the items on the never-ever list, so it's out. So I know now that I will need to make my own balsamic glaze. 

It's starting to look like I need to make my anything and everything that I care to put into my body. Of course, this is how it was in the good ol' days, so that can't be all bad, right?

Had one awful discovery today (not 12 hours after realizing that I need to read all labels), almond milk has tapioca starch in it for crying out loud. So that's over and done with. Which leaves me with coconut milk as my creamer. It's not terrible and I know I can use it as creamer, but it has that slightly astringent quality that makes my throat feel sandy - I no likey. There is no way on God's green earth that I'm going to drink tea without creamer, just sayin'. I love it with milk. Lord I miss milk! It has only been gone for two days..

This is how I feel right now. A bloated mess despite two days poop-filled days.  

I'm not actually an Oompa-Loompa. I feel like a blimp.


Weight 166.6 (yes, I'm splitting hairs here but my Endo has told me that it's okay to obsess over my weight, so now I do)
Energy level: Very low
BM: More of the runs. AGK
Other Gastro: I had bubble gut all evening, and when I went to bed my husband could hear it gurgling and bubbling. That means farts, unfortunately - but I had a pregnant belly that I could not see past when I laid down to go to sleep. 
Puffiness: Still at epic levels - my toes and ankles are squishy today in addition to fingers
Mental clarity: Meh
Mood: Not so grumpy, but I'm really, really tired. Felt like I didn't sleep well last night; I have circles under my eyes and I feel very hot-flashy today.

What I consumed:

Now, I must tell you, I was quite conflicted about drinking wine. Why? Because of what I learned tending bar:  sugar + yeast = alcohol + CO2. This is the essence of fermentation, which is what makes alcohol, dig?  So I pondered: does it have yeast in it? Doesn't it? What's the deal? The answer I found after some light reading (a-hem) is that commercial wines, as long as they don't say they are 'unfiltered' (which sounds completely grotesque to me, holy shit) have no traceable amounts of yeast. The goal is to have zero yeast in the end result. White wines will absolutely have none, so I may need to switch.

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