Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day #20

Saturday May 30th, 2015

Tired, tired, tired.

The weather is once again having an impact on my ability to wake up in the morning. It's the end of May and temps are in the 40's, it's damp and the sky is leaden. I slept the requisite 8-ish hours, even took my Calm powder like a good girl, but waking today has been a challenge. Unmotivated, cold, eyes crusty... Sigh... 

I'm slurping my first cuppa for the day and wondering if there will be any reward for this torture. Weight loss has been negligible at best, energy levels are not improving, gut problems persist, and I still have the bloat. It went away very briefly but is back with a vengeance. I look like I'm pregnant and that isn't an exaggeration. Tummy protruding out over my waist band every day by noon, and trust me when I say that I'm already in my fat pants. The fit is loose in the morning and by the time I drive home in the evening I need to unbutton them so I can breathe.


Today my plan was to get up, have tea, and hit the trails with my trusty interval timer and put a few miles on my trail runners. The sun was supposed to be out but it isn't. Rains aren't supposed to be coming in until this afternoon, but they appear to be here. It isn't raining but looks like it could any moment. #TheStruggleIsReal

Enough wallowing!! I'm busting my ass to beat this disorder into submission, damn it. Not to whine about how hard it is. BUT IT IS HARD.

In an effort to lift my wah-wah-poor-me mood, I took a stab at making something pancakey for my breakfast using this stuff

And this is what they looked like:

They were, perhaps, a tad on the thick and gooey side (should've added some water, eh?) but they were good if not a little raw in the middle, and they satisfied my childish love of pancakes for the day. Next time I'll add more liquid to thin the batter, and maybe add some coconut flour to add some crispness. I love a crisp outside on my pancakes. 


Weight: 163.6
Energy level: XX low
BM: Ah yes, a big one
Other Gastro: Bloaty as hell
Mental clarity: S'okay 
Mood: I need some sunshine damnittohell!

Because I went into such gory detail about my breakfast, and my list of consumables is huge, I'm just gibing you the highlights again. Seems fair to me. If anyone has specific questions feel free to hit me up in the comments.

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