Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day #3

Good morning from Ms. Leaky Gut! Hope everyone is swell today.

Today I poured out all of the almond milk I had on hand and replaced it with watered down light coconut milk from Trader Joe's (ingredients: coconut milk, water - amen). I water it down because it is far too viscous in the uncut state. Adding water also cuts down on that astringent quality that I don't really care for, and it kills some of the way-too-coconutty flavor that I don't care for in my tea. 

Learned yet another READ ALL THE LABELS lesson: Bratwurst. The third ingredient is corny syrup. Seriously, why? So yep, I just ate one for lunch, and now I'm all pissed off about it. Once again, stop being a dunderhead Karen. Make all of your own food and leave it at that. Laziness and convenience aren't going to get me anywhere. Duh.


Weight 166 straight up
Energy level: Low until my third cup of PG Tips tea, then it shot up to full of P and V!
BM: A lovely shade of orange and soft - a result of bubble gut from last night, I presume. I would like to note that this is the fourth day in a row I've had a BM which is crazy! I'm usually good for one or two weekly BMs. Not sure how to act.
Other Gastro: Bubble gut is continuing today
Puffiness:A wee bit less; I was able to get my rings on without too much trouble. Can't get them off though.
Mental clarity: I'd give it a solid C today. Yesterday was pure F.
Mood: Down in the dumps, but improved. I'm still tired, I feel fatigued all the time. Not sure anymore if this is from a lack of coffee or just my body giving up some crud.

What I consumed:

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