Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 6

Saturday May 16th

I'm feeling pretty damn good, I must say. Only six days in, with a few mistakes along the way, with some questions about specific things (supplements that I'm still taking, by the way) - I've been very regular, I'm over the coffee headaches and enjoying my extra cups of tea, and I'm not starving. The problem I'm having is finding things to eat for breakfast.

Yesterday I had pork sausage and blackberries, today I just had some leftover steak, and that's that. Not that there's anything wrong with it - I've always been quite the enthusiastic carnivore! But I can see how it will get old quickly, and heavy with fat. My searches for something to make or bake turned up empty. Gluten free, egg free, dairy free recipes that I found all call for at least two things that I can't eat at this time. 

I'm not giving up though, even if it means making up my own recipes (God help us all when I start experimenting!). I'm determined to find a way to make a muffin-like thing that will satisfy and meet my dietary restrictions. God speed, self!


Weight: 166.6 - so you see, this is exactly why I don't get excited about my Friday weight...
Energy level: Good - I slept well but woke up way too early (5:19 - ARGH!)
BM: Hells yeah, every day for the last 7 now!
Other Gastro:
Mental clarity: Excellent
Mood: The sun is shining, it's colder than a witch's tit (44 when I sat down to write)
, breezy and there's a storm coming. I'm in a great mood!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kar. I can sympathize with breakfast .. especially since I'm avoiding all grain - even gluten free -until I can get rid of burning gut!! I am doing egg whites with veggies and cheese .. but it is getting boring!

    Is that Fitbit software for tracking food? I tried a different brand and was really unimpressed!

    1. Hi Lor! Glad to share. Oh how I wish I could have some egg whites! It is ridiculously hard to make good breakfasts with so many restrictions. I've made myself some chia pudding to try out with fruit tomorrow; it's supposed to be very filling. I tend to like less savory foods in the morning, so eating breakfast sausage alone has been hard.

      It is the Fitbit food tracker that I'm using here. I have it hooked into GoMeals, the food tracking app recommended by my endocrinologist. It's very accurate and allows you to add custom foods and scans labels. It makes the food tracker much more robust.