Monday, May 18, 2015

Day #7

Sunday May 17th

I made an amazing discovery yesterday - Trader Joe's makes their own almond milk, and it's relatively unadulterated! And I'm thrilled because of the whole astringent cocounutty thing. As I type I'm having my morning tea, and feeling that scratchy nonsense in the my throat. It's hard to become accustomed to. Coconut milk tastes wonderful and it's far creamier than almond milk, but that scratchiness is going to drive me bonkers. At least this way I can mix it up a little. I may even try to create some kind of hybrid creamer for myself. HA! Love that idea, must make a note...

I didn't have much of an appetite, as is reflected below. All I ate for lunch was a handful of cashews; probably not smart, but that was all I needed. My endo is fond of saying that it doesn't matter WHAT you eat as much as the full factor. Obviously she doesn't condone eating a candy bar for breakfast, but there you have it. If a handful of cashews satisfies then YES. I say YES.


Weight: 165.8
Energy level: Two thumbs up
BM: YES, AGAIN!!! Eight days in row kids, this is amazing. However my 'roids are raging, but that's to be expected.
Other Gastro: 
Mental clarity: Excellent
Mood: As the French might say, incroyable That does not look like a French word at all, I took French for like, 5 semesters and I don't recall a lot of y's in the language. Blame Google Translate if it's wrong; that's where I got it.

What I consumed:

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