Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day #8

Monday May 18th

I don't want to get all cuckoo here, but I feel fantastic! I feel lighter in spite of what the scale tells me, I feel less bloated (because I am, having no trouble getting rings on and off today), and even my eczema is clearing up. Dude, wtf? Sure, eating better should make anyone feel better, but after only 7 full days?

Again, not wanting to get nuts, but maybe there is hope. Maybe.

The energy level stayed very high all day, into the evening, to the point where I actually had to suck on a Rescue Pastille before leaving work, and popped an all natural chill pill before going to bed. If I didn't know better I would think that my Levathyroxine dose is too high, but that wold be too much of a coincidence. I believe that I'm getting crud out of my body and it's actually making a difference. There is no better motivation to continue the hell diet than feeling great!


Weight: 164.4 - still not getting excited kids, 
Energy level: Amazing. I made it out of the house on a single cup of tea - never happens.
BM: Ha ha, yes!
Other Gastro: 
Mental clarity: Crystal
Mood: Annoyingly fantastic!

What I consumed:

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