Monday, May 11, 2015

More About F-U-D Food

Well, I'm running out of options. To say that I'm disgusted with my current weight would be a wild understatement, and knowing what I know about gluten and how it fucks with the system of your average Hashimoto's sufferer - I'm giving up more stuffs. Here's what I'm done with starting today, and how I dooz it:

What                       How I dooz

Eggs                        Made and ate a big ol' batch of waffles yesterday
Corn                        Took myself to the movies and binged on popcorn
Yeast                       Drank champagne last night
Dairy                        Denial/stocked up on almond milk
Hemp                       Remade my paleo hot cereal without hemp hearts
Coffee                      Total 100% denial. Bought some tea K-cups. This will be hard.
Soy                          Threw away my salad dressing. Gonna have to make my own.

Needless to say, I'm a crabby patty and a half today, but I'm willing to give it a go and see what happens. Luckily there are many items on the list that I don't partake of most of the time; that makes my job much easier. But coffee and dairy? These two alone are sending me into a pit of crab salad. OMG mayonnaise - I just realized I can't have that anymore either. GAH!!!!!!

But, if any of this helps me to normalize my leaky gut, or lose a few pounds, it will be totally worth it. I don't know if I can face another visit to the wicked witch of endocrinology at my current weight, she's such a hag about it...

That said, here I go.

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