Monday, June 1, 2015

Day #21 - The Dreaded Three Week Mark

Sunday May 31st, 2015

Why is it dreaded, you ask? Because by now SURELY I will have seen some changes, made some progress, something. Right? Sure. But no, the answer is no. GAH.

The sun did come out yesterday, but not until I had 5 miles of interval training under my belt, undertaken in fleece lined running pants and a long sleeved shirt, during which I did not sweat (low thyroid function = no metabolism = low body temp = no fire in the furnace = no sweating during a 66 minute workout = wholly upset Karen) but I enjoyed it and felt pretty darn great afterward. I managed to talk myself into doing this during the gloomy, clouds looming part of the morning and frankly that amazes me more than anything!

Let's talk about blood sugar, shall we?

Before I went to see Dr. Jessica and started sucking on those terribly bitter gymnema tablets, my blood sugars were testing rather high (over 100, which is high for me). Since then I've tested twice and sho' nuff, they are back to normal (for me) levels, under 90 before and after eating. That in itself feels like a great victory to me, I'll take it, and am very relieved that I don't need to sweat the whole diabetes thing. I still have to watch it because I seem to be on the brink (at least according to my A1C levels over the past 1.5 years) but I rest easier not having high-ish blood glucose levels.


Weight: 164.4 (FECK!!!!!)
Energy level: Thumbs up
BM: Si, first thing, decently formed but feels like I didn't get it all out :-(
Other Gastro: Hungry (lol)
Mental clarity: Thumbs up
Mood: I would say so far, so good. Already played with the little dog and am ready to take him on a walkabout as soon as I eat breakfast.

What I consumed:

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