Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day #24

Wednesday June 3rd, 2015

Well, well - what have we here? I slept sporadically and woke with a banging headache. Super fun. I'm no longer sure what is due to what, and it's confusing me. Maybe this is a run of the mill, slept with the windows opened headache? I'm sure it could be. But dude... seriously.

During the next phase of this intervention I will be giving up caffeine, legumes and tree nuts (I don't eat peanuts since my first attempt at Paleo, they're just not worth it). This is going to be bad, bad, bad. I've been relying on black (English breakfast) tea to get me through the morning, most times drinking at least two cups. I have no idea how my mornings will be without it, and I'm not looking forward to the experience. Feck.

I have ordered my gut support pack from Izabella Wentz's website, based on her recommendations, and it cost a pretty freaking penny let me tell you! I'll do that for the first month (or for however long the supplies last) and will then figure out with Dr. Jessica how I need to follow that up. Based on the wisdom of her book I have signed up for daily updates I've been given assignments and have completed both of them, however I have decided not to post my timeline here. It is extremely personal, and I need to get used to the idea of making such details public. It makes me a tad nervous.

Anyhoo, assignment number deux is to start journaling about what I eat, now I feel, etc. I'm already doing that right here, so yay. The only think I haven't done is properly catalog my current interventions, so here goes:

Gluten free
Dairy free
Soy free
Refined sugar free (simple sugars come out next week)
Potato free
Corn free
Chocolate free
Grain free
Lots of things I never ate to begin with-free
Added coconut oil
Added Gymnema

There are probably more but I'm stymied as to what they might be at the moment.


Weight: 163.4 (Still trending down, but not back to where I was last week)
Energy level: Not so great
BM: Nope. Not even a hint of one.
Other Gastro: Gassy, and it is not pleasant
Mental clarity: Foggy today
Mood: Meh. Feeling overwhelmed.

What I ate:

I went WAY over my calorie budget, and I feel appropriately awful today. I was really hungry.

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