Friday, June 5, 2015

Day #25

Thursday June 4th, 2015

Yikes. I feel so sick today, and backed up like my favorite pipe. 

No poops for two days and I'm miserable. Overeating last night sure as shit didn't help either. Tummy in distress, red alert! I'm also suffering with the puffiness today, and my fingertips are all cracked and bleeding.


One step up and ten steps back, seemingly.

I did pick up my adrenal stress test kit on the way home last night and will do the testing on Sunday as advised by Dr. Jessica. I'm holding onto my black tea for dear life right now, and giving myself a headache with all of the worry about what will happen next week when I give up caffeine. That is now likely to happen on Wednesday as I will be home so the structural guys can fix our basement. Good times.


Weight: 164.5 (FECK!)
Energy level: Low
BM: Negative
Other Gastro: Very bloated, feel as though someone has shoved a cork into my lower GI. Miserable.
Mental clarity: Foggy
Mood: Not bad, considering
Other-other: Banging headache, for two days now. Gonna take some turmeric to see if that helps.

What I consumed:

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