Monday, June 8, 2015

Day #28 - Four Weeks, no Change

Sunday June 7th, 2015

First thing this morning I sat at the dining room table, filling in a form and trying to saturate a cotton roll with saliva. I have to do this 4 times today, and then there's another vial that I have to spit into. The whole thing is completely grossing me out (I hate body fluids, they make me gag) so I sure hope that the tests are worthwhile. 

Today is going to be my 'do as little as possible day' to give my brain and my body a break. that doesn't mean I won't be exercising though, make no mistake! I will mos def take my little fella for a walk and I think I'm going to be able to get some interval training in as well. This morning the hubby and I have a few projects to do around the house, and I'm going to retreat to my rocker for some reading just as soon as I'm done typing here. 

As of 2:00 PM, I've loaded two cotton rolls and set them in the fridge for safe keeping. Two down, two to go! But wait, there's more! Right now I'm spitting into an empty vial. Trying to spit enough into it to reach the 5 ML mark. Let me tell you something - it's fucking hard! I work up a good load of saliva and gently spit it into the vial - I've done this no less than 5 times now - and it's still under the 1 ML mark. How in the name of all that is holy is this supposed to work? Cripe sakes, it'll take me the rest of the day and night to fill this thing.

Next, some super fantastic news: I have a splitting headache. Again. This one came out of nowhere and aspirin isn't touching it. I'm hoping it's a die-off headache and not just a lack-o-caffeine headache, but it's probably the latter. 

I'm stocking up on herbal tea and coconut oil to take to work with me for the two weeks of liquid dieting coming soon to a Karen near you. Can't hardly wait. In a lot of ways that's true! In a lot of other ways I'm dreading not. Not sure why, it can't be too much worse than eating the same crap every day because that's all I can eat now-a-days, eh? So here's to good outcomes - cheers! (spit)

I'm rather lethargic today and haven't gone out to do any interval training. As soon as the headache hit it was pretty much over for me. Thank goodness I took the boy on a walk before it came on or I'd be 0-for today. Some exercise is better than no exercise. I'm also feeling rather exhausted. Not sure where that came from, I slept pretty well according to my brand new Fitbit Charge, and I actually don't remember waking up except for once to relieve my bladder, so that's good. 

I got a great deal on a boneless prime rib roast, so that's what we're having for dinner! I know this is something that I won't be eating for a long time to come, and I know that I shouldn't romanticize food this way (for so many reasons...) but I do get sentimental when I start to think about not eating delicious beef. And chicken. And shellfish. And... fill in the blank. I love me some meat.


Weight: 165.4
Energy level: Okay
BM: Yep, a big one
Other Gastro: High abdominal pain this morning
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Great! 
Exercise: Walked Bandit for 45 minutes, somehow managed to get over 6 miles in all day

What I consumed:

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