Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day #29

Monday June 8th, 2015

Happy Monday my friends! The sun is rising in my office window, blinding me, but I don't care. As long as I don't see rain clouds I'm a happy camper, and as long as I'm facing east I won't see them until later. So there.

Last night was rough, not sleep wise, but just in general. I felt lousy, sort of down, and just out of balance. I think the prime rib was a bit much for me, and I also (after having this happen again today) think that my paleo cereal and/or almond beverage are causing distress. I ate the exact same breakfast yesterday and today, and have the same high abdominal pain. Good thing I ate the last of that cereal today, eh? Aye lass.

I slept like a frigging ROCK last night, and when I awoke it wasn't because my radio was blaring "Daydream Believer", it was because my bladder was sounding the alarm. I had a series of pee dreams (the ones where you can't find a bathroom, or when you find one it's so filthy that you can't use it) and I raced to the terlet. Then I was up and went about my early morning bidness. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'm off of work, and I can't WAIT to sleep until I wake up. Two days in a row will be like heaven.

Yesterday whilst I was collecting my spit all the live-long day, I had no caffeine. It's not allowed on the day of collection, thank you very much. It was a long ass day to be sure! Today I have had two cups of black tea (soon to be on my no-no list, along with green and red teas - yes, I will be decaffeinated by force, not by choice) and it isn't even making a dent in the tired. Damn it to hell. I was hoping to get one last jolt of English Breakfast joy this morning, but no. #Disappointed

To get everyone caught up on what's going on, as soon as my amino acids (very expensive! holy shit!) and multivitamins (also pretty expensive!) arrive, I will begin the Elemental Diet. This is a 100% liquid diet. It is two weeks of said liquid. I may have told y'all this before but bear with me, please. It's what I'm excited/terrified of starting because I don't know what's going to happen. There is a slight possibility of not being able to tolerate it, in which case I will have wasted some serious cash (but thank you HSA for covering these supplements!). If the supplies arrive today, tomorrow will be the first day of elemental, starting with just replacing my breakfast. Sigh.

But, what you need to know is that I will start my day count over, and make it Elemental Diet Day #1, etc. When I move into the healing phase it will reset to Healing Diet Day #1... you get the idea. That should keep the party going!

For the record, see my fingertips below. This has been going on for two full weeks, and it's miserable. I have to wear gloves to do anything that might get them wet, and keep them slathered with lotion so they don't split. 


Weight: 165.4
Energy level: Low-medium, not great
BM: Super big YES
Other Gastro: High abdominal pain
Mental clarity: Pretty good
Mood: Yay, sunshine!
Exercise: Walked with the gals at lunchtime, somehow managed to get to 12k steps without really trying (aside from going to the bathroom furthest from our office, that helps)

What I consumed:

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