Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Elemental Diet Day #1

Wednesday June 10th, 2015

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes - today is the day! The amino acids I ordered were in the mailbox this morning, so I get to start phasing in my liquid diet today at lunchtime. Super excited!!!

Yesterday was an incredible day. I walked (and sweated) my ass off, spent quality time with my old-school bestie for the first time in years, and went to an amazing concert. Drove home talking to my brother who was barreling toward Colorado on his way to Arizona until he turned off toward Wichita. I wish he could have seen that concert with me, it's because of his influence that I listen to Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson in the first place, and he would have loved it.

Anyway, back to the matters at hand - I pooped like I don't even know what yesterday. Seems like a dam broke or something because (skip to the next paragraph if you're squeamish) I pooped so many times and so hard that I actually popped a capillary or something and bled! Unprecedented! 

I also received my multi-vitamins that are recommended in Root Cause, to be taken with (or mixed into) the amino acid smoothies. So I'm all set. Today, because I was starting with a smoothie at lunch instead of breakfast, I just skipped the multivitamin. I will start the protocol correctly tomorrow.

I mixed the smoothie per the recipe I downloaded: 
and I have to say that I was expecting the absolute worst of it after reading that the amino acids are terribly bitter, but it wasn't bad. Too sweet for me, but I can adjust the amount of honey I use to address that. I didn't get the bitterness, thank goodness. It was very palatable. That should make this whole thing easier, eh? 

What's going to change, you ask? 

Well, for starters, I won't be logging my foods or reporting on what I consumed for the duration of the liquid diet. I will most definitely be reporting on my vitals, likely in even more detail as I witness the changes that my body goes through in response to the diet. 

Next, I won't have to wait until the day after to publish my posts. So, you *may* see them coming out in the evening instead of in the morning. 

So, whaddaya gonna eat?

Ah, great question. Here's the lowdown:

3X Daily: 2 Tbs Amino Acids, 2 Tbs Honey, 3-3.5 Tbs Coconut Oil, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 Multivitamin capsules

5X Daily: Herbal tea with 1 Tbs coconut oil

That's all.


Weight: 161.4 ('scuze me? I know, I think I sweated it off yesterday, it was very hot and I walked my ass off)
Energy level: Low-medium - did not get enough sleep - got home after midnight and had to get up early to get showered for the basement guys
BM: teeny, tiny 
Other Gastro: Hungry. I under ate yesterday, but I'm not going to feed the beast
Mental clarity: Pretty good.
Mood: Really good

Exercise: Walked dogs and jogged on my mini-trampoline while the guys were jack-hammering my basement to bits and putting it back together. I got to watch TV and wasn't sitting on my hiney! Good stuff.

Off we go then! 

KMDR out.

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