Sunday, June 14, 2015

Elemental Diet Day #5 - The Day I Found a Recipe That Didn't Make Me Want to Hurl

Sunday June 14th, 2015

Okay, so. I woke up hangry (hungry+angry)this morning and grumpier than I've been. I was a little shaky. I got myself to the bathroom and weighed in, and it dawned on me: I had no sodium yesterday. No sodium = no bueno! I forgot to add salt to my drinks and was already feeling the effect of lots of peeing with no sodium to replace what I peed out. I immediately went downstairs and made myself some salty herbal tea. When I wake I don't want to eat right away, ever. I've always been this way. So I sipped at my salty tea (lemon ginger, for the record, not delicious with salt) and when I made my smoothie I added half the amount of salt recommended. Feeling human again.


God I hate those smoothies! It's all I can do now to gag them down, holding my nose, and chasing with club soda. I mean, it's bloody awful. The biggest problem I have is separation. The oil and honey (same with cranberry juice and stevia combo) and I have to keep swirling the mixture so I don't get a mouthful of oil followed by a mouthful of honey. That, my friends, is puke-worthy grossness. Just sayin'.

So today I'm heading out on a mission. My mission is to create the other-other smoothie from Root Cause, with mint, avocado and coconut milk in place of oil and honey. Because I'm over it. I will just have to see if I can swallow that combination, but it sounds much better than what I'm dealing with right now. I read a couple of articles yesterday that said a lot of people opt for a feeding tube when they have to do this diet and I can totally see why. I was joking about it at work the other day like, hey - do you think I can find an unethical doctor to place a feeding tube for me? Ha ha ha. But not funny. This stuff serves a purpose (let my digestive tract rest for a couple of weeks) but DUDE, it is VILE!

Now, that said - this change in plans will most likely stop the downward trend in my weight, which has been nothing short of miraculous, especially following weeks of deprivation dieting with no results other than having regular bowel movements (one heck of an improvement indeed, but not what I was after). I'm mentally preparing for that. 

Another note on the weight loss: I don't feel any different. I still have a jelly belly that blocks my toes from my eyes, so where is it going away from? My thought is this: inflammation around my gut is lowering, and that's where it's going. Yes, clothes do fit differently. I tried on a skirt that a week ago would have fit me in a size L, that was falling off. I bought the size M. I live in fear of buying such things, because I always assume that the weight is going to come back no matter what. It's a shitty way to think, but there it is.

My shopping was quite successful, as I came home with organic ingredients for the next level smoothie, a couple of organic, grass fed marrow bones for bone broth, and some fermented veggies for step two (which starts in 5 - 9 days from now, depending on how I a feel). After I try it I'll put the recipe in here. 

YES! If you're even thinking of doing the elemental diet thing, try this. It's the first thing I've had that didn't make me want to hurl. You're welcome.

2 Tbs free amino acids
1-2 stalks of celery
A few mint leaves (I used 4)
1 avocado
1 C coconut milk (Trader Joe's Light is best, it has nothing but coconut and water in it)
1/3 tsp alcohol free vanilla (got this at Trader Joe's too)
Stevia to taste (try the liquid in these smoothies, it blends in far better than the powder. Trader Joe's has organic liquid Stevia)
Juice of 1 lime

It was - and I don't think I'm going too far here - delicious. Tasted like a really thick mojito with some avocado thrown in for good measure. DELICIOUS! I will, of course, encourage you to try the straight up recipe if you're into it, but this is OH MY GOD so much easier to drink! 


Weight: 156.8
Energy level: Pretty good
BM: Little one, yeah
Other Gastro: Lots of noises coming from the upper GI region but no discomfort
Mental clarity: Excellent
Mood: Started out really bad, but has improved with my renewed sense of purpose: finding a way to make this diet palatable for another 9 days
Exercise: Went for a long walk with the pup, ran up and down stairs doing housework, done.
Other: My poop floats, it grosses me out. Probably all that fricking coconut oil.


  1. So ... this recipe looks like one I could maybe handle .. no other food, right? Just tea?

    1. Yep, three times a day, with herbal (no caffeine) team +1 Tbs coconut oil between meals. And no coffee young lady, y'hear?

      The amino acids I used are available here: