Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elemental Diet Day #8 - The Final Day

Wednesday June 17th, 2015

K, done. Tapping out. Had enough. Calling it. Cashing in my chips. Saying "when". Etc., etc., etc.

Bone broth is bubbling away in my large Crock Pot as I type, and the entire house smells amazing. I had dreams of drinking the broth but alas, the broth was not ready this morning after spending 12 hours in the spa. It will most definitely be ready this evening, so I have made myself two more disgusting, gut wrenching shakes for today and then no mas. I'm exhilarated at the prospect of chicken flavored, gelatinous water! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!

So the next phase for me is to adopt a healing diet, and now I have a decision to make: GAPS or Autoimmune Paleo? I've talked a bit about going on the GAPS healing/introduction diet but I am now leaning towards AP for two very specific reasons: I already have a cookbook for AP, and I'm very familiar with Paleo protocols. The best news here is that I've already have than 30 days being egg free, seed free, nut free under my belt. That means that I can try to add one of those foods (likely eggs) back in after a week or so on the bone broth + fermented foods protocol. I also already most of the supplements I'll need for AP. Stuff like this matters because I'm busy. So are you. 

I couldn't bring myself to drink my last smoothie thing, just couldn't. Not smart, I know, to starve myself until I got home but I just couldn't do it. So I'm home now, and I had a streaming mug of bone broth and a little bit of fermented cabbage, and it was delicious. Heavenly. I'm full and satisfied, and working on my next move, which is beef bone broth. Gotta clean out the crock pot first, of course. Then I need to make a grocery list of the thumbs I'll need for some of the healing recipes in the Root Cause supplemental guide. For now, I'm happy. 


Weight: 157.2 (another uptick) 
Energy level: Low
BM: Yes, a very nice, snaky one. 
Other Gastro: Hungry today, after smelling that broth in my sleep!
Mental clarity: Decent
Mood: Better than yesterday, that's for shiz
Exercise: Walked the pup and took a lunchtime stroll with the gals :-)
Other: Headache central. I can't seem to get away from the headaches. Didn't sleep well until after 2:00 when I got up to relieve myself. It was a restless night, which is exactly what I didn't need after having the same on the previous night. I need some rest...

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