Thursday, June 18, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #1

Thursday June 18th, 2015


My entire body is breathing a sigh of relief as I sit down to a breakfast of chicken bone broth and fermented ginger and beets. It's an odd combo, but it is delightful. 

I took my notebook home last night but forgot my bible (Root Cause) and as such I'm ill prepared for this phase, but I will have my shit together by this evening. I know that the healing phase consists of bone broth and fermented veg, so I'm there. But what I'm not sure about is when I need to start taking all of the probiotics and digestive enzymes - I can't recall if it's this phase or the next. Worst case I missed one day of those supplements and will start tomorrow. Sorry for being so ill prepared but I'm just like you; I have a full time job, a home, a husband and a couple of dogs to take care of. Throw some kids in there and I would never get around to me!

Just as soon as I had put up all of my chicken broth last night, I cleaned up and started on the beef. It's looking a little gray as of this morning, but it may yet come around to brown as it condenses. It smells pretty wonderful and has a lovely ring of fat bubbling on the top. This morning after it simmered for 10 hours I pulled the meat off the ox tail that I used and dug the marrow out of the bone, just to be sure those get all of the flavor and nutrients extracted. the ox tail still looked pink inside - I want the broth to be brown and the meat gray before I call it done. It has only water, bones, apple cider vinegar and a bay leaf in it. I'm really looking forward to tasting it tonight.  I hope that I get more gelatin from the beef than I did the chicken. I'm pretty sure that I didn't have enough chicken bones for the amount of water I used. Lesson learned. Two carcasses are needed to fill that crock pot with water and get gelatin.The upside is, it tastes ever so good.

And yes, I did roast my beef bones and ox tail before adding them, and included all of the brown bits from the roaster. Still, it may not be enough to turn the broth brown, We shall see. This is my first time, gimme a break!

Okay, now with book in hand I can say this: the healing phase consists of soups, stews, fermented veg and well cooked and pureed low fiber veg and well cooked, soft meats. Not a problem, can do! I also need to begin the supplement madness, so I'll get my pills together and take care of that tomorrow. Some of them need to be refrigerated so that's going to be a giant pain in my ass, as if remembering all this stuff isn't already!

This phase can go anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks, until gut problems subsist. I have to imagine that will be when I am having regular BMs and no longer getting gassy and bloated at the drop of a hat. I will be sure to ask the good Dr. Jessica about that. I actually wouldn't mind spending the remainder of June and half of July on this protocol, not at all. I want to get the Autoimmune Paleo rolling this summer though, because I really want to start adding things in (eggs, nuts, etc.). We shall see, eh?


Weight: 156.6
Energy level: Still not stellar
BM: Yes. Seems like there will be more to come! - and that was so prophetic because I have had two more! What a day!
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Good! Elevated by the flavor of chicken!
Exercise: Dog walk and Pi walk with the gals at lunchtime
Other: No headache today, which is great, and the dizziness is gone too. I have more energy today and I swear it's because my attitude is so much better now that I like the taste of the foods I'm eating/drinking. 

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