Saturday, June 27, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #10

Saturday June 27th, 2015

Haylo hoomans!

Today is one of those busy Saturdays; I've been up and at it for over 4 hours and the time is just flying. So much going on! I think I'm caught up.

I allowed my beef broth to go for 38 hours, and though it's darker it still doesn't look beefy at all, and it tastes like nothing. Crap. I took it off because I was forced to add a quart of water to it last night, and this morning it was down a quart again! Damn it to hell, I'm going to use it anyway because what a colossal waste of time that was! My only hope is to do it one more time, starting on Friday evening and letting it go until Sunday evening. On the stove. I can't see it ever working in the crock pot.

I also popped into Whole Paycheck and grabbed an over priced chicken to roast and make broth from last night; an endeavor that proved successful. The meat is in a container for the hubby and I to enjoy, and the broth was put in the freezer this morning. I let that cook for 12 hours, and it's amazing. I'm happier with my chicken broths so far, and they take far less time and less hassle. Oh, and the beef broth stinks the whole house up! That was unexpected. It smells like manure when it's cooking. Hubby and I both checked to make sure that a dog didn't poop somewhere after the first night! After that it either didn't stink anymore or we just got used to it. Either way - yuck!

So, I'm off to market this morning to get more spinach and squash, I've already cooked a pound of zucchini and pureed it like a good girl. My meals won't be such a hassle if I plan this way every week. Now that I'm feeling sharper and far more alert I might actually have my shit together! 


Weight: 157.2 (whatevs,,,)
Energy level: High
BM: Si, two so far
Other Gastro: Little more hungry than I've been
Mental clarity: Excellent
Mood: Great!
Exercise: Walked some dogs. The remainder of my activity for the day will be running around the house, up and down the stairs, doing chores.

Other: I'm happy to be feeling good! I wish my weight would come down. This is probably a sign that I'm not 'there' yet, I'm taking it as one, and am more than willing to continue on the healing diet for the next couple of weeks.

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