Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #13

Tuesday June 30th, 2015

It's payday! I really want to celebrate with a new pair of shoes, and I have a coupon. So dangerous!

Signed up for a 5k this Saturday, my gf Erin and I are going to interval it together. Time to get serious about training, damn it! I love being involved in organized runs, there's so much energy to feed off of. If I were going solo on this I would probably run the entire thing, and that might hurt, because I somehow got into the way-back machine and my running is like it was right after I quit smoking and started running years ago - it sucks! I'm not great at long stretches of it, but I will get there. It takes time and patience. I took almost a year off after the Great Toe Incident; of course I suck!


I owe you the name of the drops Dr. Jessica gave me for adrenal support! Totes forgot about that, sorry. It's called Adaptopath, and I don't what the hell is in it but DAMN, I feel like a new woman since starting it. http://www.goenergetix.com/adaptopath-1/ Now that I look at the specifications, I'm a tad surprised - it doesn't appear to be for adrenal support, technically. I must remember to ask Dr. Jessica about this when I go see her the week after next. Interesting.


Weight: 155.8 (squee!)
Energy level: Good
BM: Yes, but the sticky variety.
Other Gastro: All is well
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Good!
Exercise: Walked the Bandit dog this morning, hoping to get some miles in later but I have meeting after meeting today, and will even be having lunch in one of them. Bah!
Other: Had a twinge of a headache when I woke this morning, but it went away as soon as I took my Claritin. Allergies? Perhaps. 

In case you're interested, this is why I'm eating today, breakfast and lunch. I'm no longer pureeing all of my food and I'm very happy about it! What's on the plate is turkey, pumpkin, cantaloupe ads generated cabbage with pickles. The mug is my amazing turkey bone broth.

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