Friday, June 19, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #2

Friday June 19th, 2015


May I just say, completely out of left field, that I'm glad I'm not drinking wine anymore. I'm glad it isn't allowed. Why? Because I have considerably less brain fog when I'm not drinking alcohol. I'm surprised and quite delighted by this development. Sadly I have also recently discovered that I find the smell of alcohol quite repugnant, and my hubby is still partaking. 

Oh well, could be worse. C'est la vie.

As to my beef bone broth, it is a sad, sickly yellow color but it tastes quite nice. It reduced by half but did not form any gelatin, so I must not be cooking it long enough. Next time more meaty parts will go in, I will brown them longer, and I will cook it longer. For the moment I have a gorgeous, golden chicken broth and the sickly yellow beef broth, but I need to get more on the stove tomorrow because I'm going through this stuff very quickly. When it's the base of your diet you tend to go through it!

This morning I am sitting over a steaming mug of beef broth with fermented ginger beet salad and some over cooked chicken in it. It's delightful! I hope it's not making me smell bad though, yikes.

I got my supplements together last night and brought the ones with me that I need to take during the work day. OF COURSE I forgot to take the pills in my fridge that I'm supposed to take in the morning (GRRRR) but no worries, I'll get them worked in tomorrow. I just have to remind myself to open the fridge, they're sitting right where my face can't miss them with instructions written in black Sharpie. Hard to miss. Hard to form new habits, especially at my age!

I picked up an organic, free range chicken, organic bison stew meat, organic carrots and bok choy today - need to make some more substantial dishes for myself. I checked my blood sugar before lunch and it was 47 - that's very low for me (I'm usually around 90 pre-lunch) and only 87 after. That is still in the normal range and is much, much lower than it has ever been, so I'm knocking off the gymnema immediately. I no longer need something to lower my blood sugar, tyvm.


Weight: 158.2 :-(
Energy level: Good
BM: Totally watery, orange diarrhea. Not good, but at least I don't have cramping with it.
Other Gastro: No discomfort, just the runs.
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Good
Exercise: Took the dog for a long walk this morning, and am taking walks around the block while things are quiet at work and the day is still cool. It's supposed to get HOT today. Bleh. Hot and humid.

Other: Had a crabby day, but it was work related. None of that belongs here, so I will leave it out!

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