Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #6

Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

I just had a lovely breakfast of pureed carrots and chicken browned in beef tallow and cooked in my sickly looking beef broth. It was actually quite nice, believe it or not. Then again, I don't really trust my taste buds any longer. I think that after what they've been through with the amino acid stuff last week, they will gleefully lie to me just to make sure they aren't subjected to that nonsense again!

After seeing Dr. Jessica yesterday I have a new pile of things to take on a daily basis. At the rate I'm going I will need bigger pill organizers before long; the ones that I have are normal sized and they are packed to the point of bursting. Especially the after lunch pills - good golly Miss Molly, there are a dozen that I'm taking now. I think I'm getting full from the pills more than what I'm eating, just sayin'.

I had to wait for it until 9:30 last night, but I finally had a BM. A rock hard one at that. So, maybe I need to increase my probiotics? Perhaps. Digestive enzymes should be doing their job by now, plus I'm eating fermented veg at every meal and adding coconut aminos to everything to aid in digestion. Sheesh, stubborn innards! Seems I've come a long, long way in the last 43 days only to wind up exactly where I was before I started any interventions. At least when I was on the elimination diet I was having daily BMs. Now, not so much.

Evidently ripe cantaloupe and avocado are acceptable "fruits" on the low-res diet, so I picked some up at Trader Joe's along with some fermented cabbage and spinach (it's so easy to cook the crap out of, adds great flavor, and will look okay pureed, I think) , and baby bok choy (tastes amazing steamed with some allspice and coconut aminos). Joe doesn't carry any canned green beans. Save that for the regular store.


Weight: 158.2 (steady!)
Energy level: Good
BM: Yes. Nice, easy one. Nothing wrong with it.
Other Gastro: I'm seriously hungry today, damn it.
Mental clarity: Pretty good
Mood: Still have a hair trigger that seems to be trained mainly on my husband, sadly. I think he can take it. He kinda gets where I am these days.
Exercise: Walked the dog, walked around Trader Joe's at lunch. Need to get my butt out and around the block this afternoon, I'm lagging.
Other: Banging frontal lobe ache, as always. I don't have any aspirin on me and I'm not supposed to take any NSAIDs so I will probably need to hoof it down to the 'sev' to pick up some Excedrin. It's ouch, as in very. UPDATE>> Scratch that, I didn't know until I looked it up, but aspirin is a bloody NSAID too! Maybe I should've known what NSAID meant before I ass|u|me'd, lol. I took some Tumeric tablets and God help me, they actually worked. Will miracles never cease!

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