Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #7

Wednesday June 24th, 2015

Last night was some kind of awful. I developed a major headache around 8:30 that, by the time I went to bed, had risen to epic proportions. My frontal lobe was throbbing, my jaw hurt (felt as though I were grinding but I was purposely relaxing my jaw), ached into my ears and throat - it was out of control. I tossed and turned for hours before I finally fell asleep, then I dreamed of head wounds; the headache bled through. So naturally today I'm not feeling very rested, but I did pop out of bed with some vigor this morning and I'm happy to announce that I have now had 24 hours of regular, what I would consider "normal" BMs! Never thought such a small thing would make me so happy but there it is. So happy.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with the GAPS Healing protocol for now, for another week just to be sure that good things are happening. My first add is organic egg yolk to my bone broth. Sounds kind of exciting but I think I need to be patient and let the healing really take hold. I'm also kind of holding out for the headaches to ease up or stop. This is a new-ish development that Dr. Jessica thinks is a side effect of the major changes I've made recently, and I think I should try to ride it out. We'll see how far I get... I know me, and I know how bloody impatient I can be. I'll probably make another attempt at beef bone broth this evening (pffffft) but I must tell you that the chicken bone broth I made two nights ago is completely amazing! biggest differences: I cooked it on the stove instead of in the crock (easier to regulate the temperature), and the chicken had giblets in it. OMG what a difference! First, I only cooked it for 10-11 hours, and it is far more gelatinous than any I've made this far and it developed great flavor. I was really pleased with the result, and will now apply my learning to beef broth. Should have taken the bones out to thaw this morning, damn it to hell. I was still reeling from the headache (headache hangovers are the worst).

I was reading a few things that other day (dangerous, I know) about the Body Ecology Diet, a diet that seems nearly impossible not to break, imho, and there were some interesting tidbits about blood type. I'm straight up type O, and I was kind of (very) surprised to see that my body type and activity level were pretty accurate. It said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that type O people crave high intensity exercise and can easily do an hour of it a day. More interestingly, it said that deprived of such vigorous activity a type O person can become depressed. Ah-HA! This is what happens to me when I don't get a good, brisk walk or a run into my day - it bums me out. It explains why I became bloody despondent when I couldn't run last year (toe nail removal put me on the bench and just when I was starting to get into training again I got an ABSCESS for cripe sakes, and when the doctor told me he had to open my toe back up to fix it, I cried. I cried, right there in his office. I get it now! 

Not that I needed a formal explanation, I knew it bothered me not to get my exercise, but I didn't imagine there was a biological explanation for it. 


Weight: 157.4 (sweeeeeet)
Energy level: Pretty good, considering
BM: Yes sir!
Other Gastro: I hate to look a gift colon in the balloon knot, but I am pooping maybe a little bit too often. It's still good, not soft or runny, but a lot. Like, every time I go the bathroom. A lot. Also noticing that there is mucous present - that had cleared previously.
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Better, but still not good. I'm still a grouch, and my grouchiness is still aimed squarely at my hubby
Exercise: Walked the dog, walked around the block with my work wife, then did that again, then took myself out for a 5k interval even though it was a scorching 86 degrees outside. Fun!
Note to self: I really must start fermenting my own stuff. The good, live culture krauts are $9-$10 a jar, and I'm easily consuming two of them a week! GAWD! Time to get on down to the 

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