Thursday, June 25, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #8

Thursday June 25th, 2015

Last night was uneventful, just quiet, nothing to talk about. I got my beef bones out to thaw and then told myself I should wait until Friday evening to start my broth because it will take longer than 12 hours (24 - 48 is what they say), so I'd better do that when I know I'm going to be home the majority of the time it will be simmering, just so I can keep an eye on it.

Having a hard time with the weight gain, even though I know I need to wait and see what happens. Fluctuations in weight happen. 1.5 pounds in a day is a little upsetting no matter how you slice it, but I know in my intellectual mind that this isn't at all unusual. Old self could see a 5 pound swing in a day. Doesn't make me feel better about today's number though, given that I'm consuming well under 1,000 calories a day, 90% of which is liquid, and exercising as if I have the energy. Once again, this is frustrating.

I spoke with Dr. Jessica about my saliva/adrenal test results this morning, and they're not great. She says that the reason I drag ass in the morning is explained in the results - when my body should be producing cortisol (at night), my cortisol levels are dropping. This is not normal, and it shows that the adrenal function is messed up. So, she's having me add adrenal-hypothalamus-pituitary support to my supplement roulette. I'm swinging by her office on my way home to pick up the new supplement. 

Aaaaaaand, I need a bigger pill organizer. Shit. Wonder how I'm going to explain this to the infamous Dr. Evil Endocrinologist when I see her in a couple of weeks? Smh...

Which also tells me, along with my irregular BMs, that I need to stay in this phase another week. No adding anything yet, just stick to low residue veg cooked to death and pureed into my broth. Sigh...

I've ordered myself another AIP (Paleo autoimmune protocol) cookbook, because one just isn't going to be enough and I spotted one on Amazon that has breakfast ideas that aren't 100% savory. A gal needs a little bit of sweet in her breakfast now and then, for cry-aye. It also has a lot of interesting recipes that I will need to keep my hubby interested in eating the way that I eat. That could be tough.

Speaking of food (wha??) tonight's entree will be chicken broth with spinach. I imagine I will be eating that for breakfast and lunch tomorrow as well. I hope I don't run out of broth, holy moly! That would leave me with no options for eating. Crap. Time to regroup and figure out how I'm going to address the theoretical shortage. 


Weight: 158.8 (WTF???)
Energy level: Pretty decent
BM: Itty-bitty
Other Gastro: Got really gassy and bubbly last night - not sure why. UPDATE>> Got gassy this afternoon too. Was the bok choy? It's the only think that I ate last night, this morning and this afternoon that is different from what I've been eating. Hmmmm
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Good
Exercise: Walked the dog, it was too hot for intervals at lunchtime so I walked around the charming Colorado Springs downtown district. Evidently I walked in the wrong place because some of my team went to a restaurant down the street and got to meet an elephant from the Renaissance Festival! Fun.
Other: The weight porpoising thing is pissing me off. 

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