Monday, June 1, 2015

Three Weeks in - Level Set and Some Very Bad News

I know you can't see it, but I'm sitting here shaking my head. Big sigh, Karen was in denial. Like big time. Or maybe I just believed too quickly and should have done some more digging before I decided to dive head first into this new diet plan without consulting any gurus. 

I finished reading Root Cause yesterday. And, um - wow. So not even close. What I've been doing for the last three weeks may have helped to blaze the trail that I now must follow into frigging hunger and humiliation in order to actually get the gut healing process rolling.

Here's the recommended path for someone in as bad of shape as I'm in:

Elemental Diet 1-2 weeks (will try to go 2, I imagine, unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Jessica) - I ordered a book, because yes, it's that complicated. It's a 'bowel rest' diet that is made up of some soylent type liquid crud.  

GAPS healing/intro 1 - 4 weeks (we'll see how long I can go on this one, lol) - a healing diet

Introduction phase - add one well cooked SCD/GAPS legal food every four days, watch for reactions

SCD/GAPS/ Modified autoimmune Paleo 1-2 YEARS

Introduction of low allergenic foods after 1-2 years (if I even want to, may not want to at that point)

I've ordered the autoimmune paleo diet book in addition to the Elemental Diet book and my very own copy of Root Cause. I have a feeling it will be well dog-eared over the next few months. 

So, in addition to the NEVER EVER list, I will have to now live without the following:

Black or red tea
ANY kind of sugar (honey, molasses, coconut sugar... yeah.)
Legumes of any kind (at least for a while)
Nightshades (tomatoes and tomatillos are at the top of that list)
Nuts (tree nuts too, yes indeed)
Packaged or Ahi tuna, period

The list goes on, but those are the highlights. Or lowlights, actually. That is a list of mot of the foods I've been living on for the last three weeks. And so I will adjust again, and see what happens. 

There are also a bunch of supplements I need to look into, not the least of which is a dose of 45 billion probiotics to encourage the ol' gut to digest food, and maybe some bentonite clay to grab onto bad stuff in my gut and deliver it to the pooper.

Shit just got real kids. I'll be starting this new approach as soon as the books get here and I lay in all the supplies I need. Will stick to what I've been eating in the meantime, minus the tuna.

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