Friday, July 3, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #16

Friday July 3rd, 2015

Hi! Boy am I running late today! I got up, ate, walked a dog, drove out to Falcon, put in 4 miles of intervals, picked up dry cleaning, picked up race packets for tomorrow, got dog food, got a thunder shirt for my little guy (it's too small, so back out I go), went grocery shopping, came home, put up chicken broth, cleaned the pot, roasted my beef bones for an hour, started the beef broth, ate lunch and just now took a shower. It's 2:20, how the hell did that happen?

Suffice to say that I'm having a pretty good day. Mind you I had a bit of a melt down when one of my grocery bags exploded, sending a can of hubby's El Pato sauce into a window well that I was not able to extricate it from. FECK! I hate when dumb shit happens.

Anyhoo, my glasses are filthy, I need to clean them. And speaking of whatever I was speaking of, I am taking my prescription to Costco today to order a pair of single vision athletic sunglasses. I'm tired of wearing my every day glasses to run in, it's bad for the glasses and they don't actually block enough sun for moi. Dear me, aren't we persnickety? Yes, yes we are.

Here's the skinny, I gotta run again of all the maniacs will be out and I don't like maniacs!


Weight: 154.4 (grrrr)
Energy level: Super
BM: Several. Orange and not very well formed.
Other Gastro: Little gassy this morning but good now. 
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Fantastic
Exercise: See above

Other: I don't think I'm ready for Paleo yet, I just don't. I feel bloated and not quite right yet, plus I go from normal to runny to orange and runny BM. I think I still have some waiting and healing to do before I make that change. Hence, I am not going to the ranch foods place today, I'd rather wait until I'm ready. It might be another week or two, but I intend to gut it out. HA! I made a funny.

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