Saturday, July 4, 2015

GAPS Healing Diet Day #17

Saturday July 4th, 2015


Why did my cursor stay red? Hmm. Weird.

Today is a great day! 

Got up, had some broth and pumpkin, took on a 5k of intervals with one of my home girls, Trader Joe's was open even though it's a holiday, and I have a massage on an hour. It;s great to be alive on days such as these!

Next on the agenda: I'm going to try to eat an egg. Yep, that's what I said. I got a wild hair at Whole Paycheck yesterday and picked up a very expensive 6-pack of organic, free range eggs. I'm so nervous, isn't that crazy? I'm afraid. Even though I've never had any trouble with eggs, I fear intolerance. Which reminds me, I need to get my shit together here. Living in fear is not good, and fear is what's keeping me from switching to Paleo AIP at this time also. Not so much fear of intolerance there, but more a fear of gaining weight. 

Ah HA! Now we get to the nugget of the issue. I have always wanted to be thin, and have loved being thin when I was. Loved it. So now that I've taken of 13 pounds I live in abject terror of putting it back on. And my fear is that eating "real food" again will do that, make me gain it back. I must do some mediation on this point and find some inner peace, and remember that whether or not I gain weight is on ME. I have to not go nuts and start overeating because things taste good, and I have to maintain the 20% protein on my plate goal. The rule of thumb is 60% veg and fruit, 20% starch, 20% protein. It won't be easy but none of this has been easy. Probably getting my husband to eat this will be harder than that, actually. 

ONWARD Chicken Little, ONWARD!


Weight: 154.4 again, I like consistency a lot
Energy level: Great
BM: Little, not much of one yet
Other Gastro: Clear
Mental clarity: Crystal
Mood: Fantabulous
Exercise: See above

Other: The headaches are plaguing me again, but I'm just taking Acetaminophen and dealing with it. I feel pretty great other than that.

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