Thursday, July 16, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #11 - Grass Fed Ghee Introduction

Thursday July 16th, 2015

I'm back in the saddle again... at my regular desk in our main office, just the way I like it. Yesterday went well and I was even able to get what I needed from the nearby Microsoft store AND get hubby's birthday gifts! Unheard of productivity from me at the mall. I usually fart around and walk into every store that's having a sale (which is every store right now) but I walked with a purpose and got in and out like a flash. Done and done!

I was preoccupied with being in Denver and then cooking for an hour and half (there has to be a better way, Lord, please guide me!) that I completely forgot to try some grass-fed ghee yesterday, damn it. I only needed to add it to one meal but NOOOOOO. This morning I brought some with me, melted it and drizzled it on my acorn squash cereal - OMG it's so good! I hope it doesn't become a problem. Fingers crossed please!

I got almost no exercise yesterday (11,114 steps - pathetic), so today I really must bust out some interval training. It's going to be hot but I don't give a good shit, I'm out there. Gotta keep my momentum going, I'm so close to my goal weight!

Ghee with breakfast gave me an upset stomach. It passed quickly but I had severe nausea... not a good sign.


Weight: 148.8
Energy level: Great!
BM: Si!
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Great!
Exercise: Meh
Other: Saw Dr. Jessica today: she said everything is looking good, and I should keep up what I'm doing. Yay! She also explained the Withania is another herbal supplement to aid my adrenals, along with the Adaptopath. So far, so good. She was fine with my increasing probiotics. I also asked about my breath, since I can't chew gum or eat mints because they contain crap and sugar, and she turned me onto some herbal hard candies that have no sugar. They're a touch heavy on the clove but not bad! I'll tell you the name tomorrow, they're in my car.

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