Saturday, July 18, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #13

Saturday July 18th, 215

It seems that my luck with ghee has run out. Officially after lunch yesterday, I ate no more. I had a teaspoon with my breakfast and it tasted absolutely magical but I became nauseous within minutes. That passed rather quickly but after lunch the same thing happened, and it stayed longer this time, plus invited bloating and gas along for the ride. Damn it to hell! Total BS. As of this morning I still have some upper GI discomfort so I'm glad I didn't try any at dinner. There goes another food addition to the bottom of my list, and I can bloody well remove grass fed butter because if I can tolerate ghee I sure can't tolerate butter.

Which leads me back to that place where I'm afraid to try new additions. Given my track record I'm at 50% right now and I'd like not to tip the scale the other direction. I know that I have to soldier on, but my how tedious the food addition game becomes.

On the bright side, we went kayaking this morning and are currently kayak shopping. I don't mean at this very moment, but today for sure. Hubby loved it so much (and I did too, surprisingly enough given my water phobias) that he decided right there on the water it was time for us to have our own. WOW. It was so amazing, we had the best time and spent hours paddling and floating around the reservoir. We are smitten!

On to more bad news, I gained some weight. Boo! It isn't much but I know I have to watch those dinner portions. I tend to use a regular sized plate at dinner but that is probably too much food for me. Chill baby, chill. 

I have a full day ahead of me getting caught up on laundry and getting groceries. Good times. I'm making braised lamb shanks for dinner. It takes a lot of time. I have my shanks thawing and will be going on a quest for parsnips to cook and puree. Yum!


Weight: 149.4
Energy level: Good when I woke up, tired now from hours of fun and sun
BM: Oui
Other Gastro: Leftover upper GI pain
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great-ish
Exercise: Just the kayaking so far! My plan is to get some jogging in on the trampoline while I'm doing laundry. Now that's fun!
Other: Nothing to report

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