Sunday, July 19, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #14

Sunday July 19th, 2015

Hubby's 56th birthday!!!!!

We're celebrating in style today; he with his new Fitbit Surge as we had out to shop for kayaks for real (yesterday was about gathering information and plotting next steps - step #1 is going to REI for a roof rack, HAYLOO!), and going out to dinner at a new place, Cowboy Star. Looks pricey but the selection is great, and they have a butcher shop next door. Crazy, right? Personally I'm leaning toward fish as I haven't had any in a long time, and I'm beef-and-chicken'd out at this point. 

Last night I made braised lamb shanks as planned, but the store was out of parsnips so I made cinnamon scented butternut squash instead. There is no possible way for me to describe to you how incredibly delicious this meal was. Amazing! With a side of my home fermented kraut and a little apple sauce, I was in heaven. Hubby enjoyed it too. This way of eating is a big win in my book.


Weight: 148.4 (yay?)
Energy level: Pretty good
BM: Yup, biggie
Other Gastro: Gastro symptoms from ghee have passed
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Taking my little fella for a walk just after typing this!
Other: It seems that the gastro troubles have been replaced by a headache. Taking some Tylenol because it's bad, and has been since I woke. 

Food pic for the (epi)curious:

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