Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #16

Tuesday July 21st, 2015 - mattress day!

After two nights of sleeping on an air mattress on top of a bed frame, I can tell you that 1) camping is not for me, and 2) any mattress would have to be better than that stupid, bouncy, awful thing we were stuck with. Two nights seem like an eternity to my poor back (OY!) but tonight we will be resting beautifully on a Sealy or whatever it is. Crying out loud, I never thought I was such a princess but yep - am. Deal.

On to the more food related topic of the day: whole eggs. My hubby totally shocked me by purchasing the organic, cage free egg option at Costco for my celebrated addition of whole eggs and guess what? No reaction. None. So beautiful to add something back in! 

Although I should really say "no reaction YET" because it's day two, and I know how this can go. Today I'm eating an egg with every meal to really test the waters. Fingers crossed, please. This one makes a difference in my ability to eat breakfast with my husband instead of us having two different breakfasts.


Weight: 147.8
Energy level: Great
BM: Dark and stormy, with bits of undigested carrots. Ew. 
Other Gastro: Nope
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Walked around the block to start my day with the little dog, must do some trips around the work-block today as well, maybe hit the trampoline when I get home tonight. 
Other: I overdid it on the intervals yesterday (didn't listen to my body when it tried to tell me to chill) so I'm sore and have some muscle cramping today. That's the only reason I'm not trying to do intervals today; I don't want to get hurt. Also did those intervals yesterday without stretching - rookie mistake. I know so much better! Stupid move, K.

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