Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #17

Wednesday July 22nd, 2015 - The day after the mattress didn't come...

I think it's nearly time to celebrate the incredible, edible egg :-)

I had three servings yesterday, one with each meal, and had no reaction whatsoever. YAY!!! Of course I have to go two days eating none and see what happens but YAY! Generally my reactions are swift and clear; this is a really good sign.

So yeah, the mattress store screwed up and even though they called the night before to confirm, they didn't put our mattress on the truck. Back to the air mattress we go... for two nights (last night and tonight) with the vague hope that they will actually deliver tomorrow between 4:00 - 8:00 PM. Cripe sakes, that grumped me right out. Not to mention LensCrafters! They called to tell me my sunglasses are in but that the wrong color lenses were ordered so they had to order new ones for me. Oakley is currently taking about 3 weeks to fulfill orders (staff up people!), but I can go pick up and wear the sunglasses with the wrong color lenses in the mean time. At least I could have had they been OPEN. They called at 6:39, my bad for not asking what time they close - the closed at 7:00. For crying out loud, tell a bitch! I drove over there and said some bad words* when I noticed that it was dark inside (*may have been overheard by a child entering the burger joint next door with her papa). Lord help me, it was quite a night. To cap it off, I went to Dick's to pick up some life vests for our kayaking needs and got stuck in line for 15 minutes while someone tried to return an incomplete football helmet and pad combo... I didn't really mind, it gave me some time to cool down. The kind cashier gave me a 10% discount for being so patient. Just goes to show you that patience DOES pay.

Now, onto more important topics: what to name my kayak? Here's a picture of my girl:

Mine has more black on it than that one (they all do, don't count on your kayak looking like the bloody picture!). Two names I'm kicking around right now: Porky or Raven. Not sure how Porky popped into my head but it did, and Raven is for The Raven That Refused to Sing. Whaddaya think? Whatever I name her, I will need to add some art work to her hull. Boring!

Back to the actual purpose of this blog: food and stuff. I just took a walk around the block and I started thinking about the lifestyle change I've made, and how rewarding it has been so far. I have been asked some questions repeatedly, and I'd like to share them along with the very honest answers.

Q - Don't you get tempted?
A - I don't, not really. My hubby eats some very normal food and our house is quite full of things like chips, milk, Nestle's Quik, ice cream, salsa, tortillas, bread - none of which I give a crap about eating. Honestly all I have to do is remember how AWFUL I feel if I eat that stuff, and it makes me not want it at all.

Q - Do you get tired of eating healthy all the time?
A - Nope. See answer above. Eating crap makes me feel like, well - crap. So no. 

Q - Can you eat out?
A - I can, I just have to choose my restaurants wisely, and possibly call ahead to make sure they can handle my requests. 

Q - Do you have to eat all organic/grass fed all the time?
A - No, and thank goodness because it's not always possible or affordable. I can't always find organic every-kind-of-produce-I-need, nor do I always want to pay the price ($9.99/lb for organic portabella mushrooms = no thanks!). I just make sure that I carefully wash and peel any non-organic produce I buy. I do try to stick to hormone free meats at a minimum - grass fed isn't always an option.

Q - Do you have cravings?
A - I do, but not for the things you would imagine. I crave water when I'm dehydrated, and I crave sauerkraut a lot. I don't crave sweets the way I once did, but when I do I have about 1/8 C of shredded coconut with a teaspoon of honey, heated in the microwave to melt the honey. It's so good! Tastes a lot like a macaroon.

Q - Will you ever be able to eat normal foods again?
A - Some of them, maybe. I will likely never consume gluten again, I'm afraid to even try it! Processed foods are out because they make me feel awful. I will try corn and potatoes at the end of my introduction schedule because they are delicious and I'd like to have them again. Regular dairy? Maybe, but doubtful. Refined sugar? Rarely, but I already look forward to those occasions (Disneyland!).


Weight: 146.6 (WHAAAAT?)
Energy level: Great!
BM: Cooking
Other Gastro: Nope
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Great, even after sleeping on that shitty air mattress!
Exercise: Long-ish walk with the pup this AM, gonna take a stroll downtown to check out some stuff at lunchtime.

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