Saturday, July 25, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #20

Saturday July 25th, 2015

I'm on the road in Wisconsin (shout out to the cheese heads from a FIB!) so I will keep this short and sweet. I'll get to the nitty gritty in a sec, but first a horror story of airport food at 5:20 AM...

It was too early (and we were running too late) to cook anything before leaving the homestead, so I drank my tea with coconut milk on the way to the airport and stressed about just wtf I was going to find to eat there at this early hour. What culinary delights might await me at the barely opened Colorado Springs airport? One could never imagine the wonders... 

Just kidding. The selections were minimal and mainly consisted of gross leftover salads, stale baked goods (NEVER EVER) and yogurt. Crap. I was hungry, knew I would be, so I made a snap decision to eat a "chef's salad". I bought the over priced, brown-ish salad, picked off the cheese, threw away the dressing and ate 3/4 of a hard boiled egg (the other one was goobered with cheese), probably a total of half an ounce of meat between the ham and turkey, and a few leaves of lettuce. Iceberg lettuce - a thing I have not eaten in ages. I thew the rest of the salad away, took my pills, got on the plane and started playing solitaire like a good little girl - when it hit me.

GI pain, lower, bad, stabbing like little needles. The damn iceberg lettuce! It always gave my mother a case of the diverticulitis, and it seemed to be doing the same to me. I had no access to anything that might help relieve it, so I rode it out. To Chicago. Then to Madison, and until lunch. Thank goodness it didn't last longer than that. Now I now something I need to add to my NEVER EVER list: stupid iceberg lettuce and its welcoming crunch! Damn damn damn.

Oh well, it has no nutritional value anyway, so... 

Had the best time kayaking yesterday, we were up at the North Catamount reservoir for 3 hours and packed the yaks just when a giant, purple storm cloud was settling over the mountain. It was awesome! So fun, and a little bit of work. We were on the bigger res this time so we actually had to paddle against a current! Makes a diff people, trust me on that. So my shoulders are a little sore today but SO WHAT. Plus, total bonus - my longest-bestest also loves kayaking so we're talking about doing that on Monday! YAY!

P.S. Dr. Jessica gave me permission to leave my liquid supplements at home, but I brought them anyway. I don't want to get off track at all. I just had to make room in my 3-1-1 bag by leaving my pooh-pourri at home. Sorry, Lor... Also I got through security with my stuff like nothing. I opened the cooler, told them what was in there, they said no problem and it went right through. Whew!

To the facts!


Weight: 147.4 - GRRRRRRR
Energy level: Let's be honest, I'm tired. But I'm energized. I'd give it a 6.
BM: Yes sir, that's my baby - 3 of them, and it's not even dinner time!
Other Gastro: See airport episode, above
Mental clarity: Pretty good for the amount of sleep I've had
Mood: Fantastic! I'm hanging with my longest-bestest!
Exercise: Uhhh, does walking like a maniac count? I think so. Yep.

Other: Just having some fun, decompressing and discovering a new city!

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