Monday, July 27, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #22

Monday July 27th, 2015

Hello to you, and soon goodbye to Mad City. We have had such a wonderful, relaxing time that it's hard to think about going back to work tomorrow (or ever, haha!) but reality is setting in. Shortly we will check out of our room and then it's off to the airport for moi. I'm so grateful to have a friend such as Lor! We can not see each other for a year or more, but the friendship doesn't waver. I am a lucky girl!

So, I still don't know my weight, and won't until tomorrow. Obsessive-compulsive me had to check the bloody work out room to see if there even is a scale in it, but there is not. See how I talk myself out of sticking to my home scale? OCD baby, the struggle is real.

I was very surprised to learn that the hotel cafe has free range brown eggs, so I had some for breakfast with bacon and berries. Yum! But no veg, so I feel like I screwed up. I don't want to be a carb -sugar whore anymore, so I'm going to down some fermented veg as soon as I publish this to make up for the lack-o-veg in my life thus far today.

Happy trails, until tomorrow when I can get on the scale again and I sincerely hope I don't get a bad surprise...


Weight: Nope
Energy level: Great!
BM: Negatory good buddy
Other Gastro: I feel like I need to poop...
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Intervals for 3.55 miles today, and we just walked another 2.5, so I've met my exceeded my step goal easily, and it's only 11:25 AM! Woooooo!!!
Other: Got to sleep until I woke again, which is the loveliest thing I can imagine for myself. I got over 8 hours on the mattress and I feel great! Except for the having to poop thing. I really want to poop. It's all just sitting in there laughing at me right now.

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