Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #23 - Almond Introduction

Tuesday July 28th, 2015

Well it feels like Monday but it isn't - total bonus! More bonus - I didn't gain any weight over the weekend, YAY!!!! Third bonus - I get to add almonds today!!!! Does it get any better than today? I think not.

Plus, I'm wearing a new skirt that I picked up in Madison, and it's a Medium. Good times.

Got home last night after spending the entire day reading at airports on planes, and started a mad dash to get things ready for today. I made cereal out of the acorn squash I froze last week, added some frozen cherries that I picked up a couple of weekends ago, pitted and froze, I poached some chicken for my lunches and took my 3-week old fermented veg from the cupboard to taste.


It is unbelievably good. I'm so so so so pleased! It's the shaved brussel sprout version with green apple slivers - even I can't believe how delicious this is! I'm going to have to get another batch of that going ASAP, because WOW. I tucked into it pretty good last night, probably noshed a cup or so before I put it away. Highly recommend this to anyone! And it was so easy, here goes:

2 packages of Trader Joe's shaved brussel sprouts
3 Tb sea salt
1 Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored and sliced into a fine julienne (you can shred if you prefer, I like bigger chunks in my kraut)

Place the sprouts in a large bowl in layers, sprinkling salt on each layer (3 of them, 1 Tb of salt each - make it easy). Then get comfy with your bowl because you need to massage the veg with salt for 10 minutes or more, until they become soft and you see water in the bottom of your bowl (these take longer than cabbage because they are pre-shaved and get a little dry - you can always get fresh sprouts and shave them yourself - I say no thanks to that!). 

Add the apple and mix with your hands to combine. Let sit in your kitchen for 20-ish minutes, then squish into a canning jar that has a rubber gasket and air tight seal. I use these from Ikea:

Get it all in there, liquid included, and mash it down really well. If there isn't enough liquid to cover the veg, quickly dissolve a Tb of sea salt in a C of water and add enough so the sprouts are submerged. Seal it up, put a date on it, and stick it somewhere cool and dry (I put mine in the pantry) then leave alone for 3 weeks. If you look at it during that time you should see bubbles forming (tilt the jar to make them move) and a film will form on the bottom of the jar. This is good! After 3 weeks smell it (should smell like kraut) and taste it. If it's sufficiently fermented, stick in the fridge to stop the process. Don't heat it up or you'll kill all the good bacteria! Enjoy cold with meals. Soooooo good.

Right, so back to the news of the day...

I was worried that eating food in restaurants would have a negative impact, but that did not happen. I was careful and Longest-Bestest brought those delicious ferments with her, along with applesauce and electrolyte water so I was easily able to supplement! 

The phrase of the day is : Fear Not. 

I need to get over the fear that one little change in my routine will send the scale screaming in the wrong direction. I need to be confident in my approach to eating, do the best I can to stick as closely to it as possible, and allow myself to chill a little bit at the same time. Flexibility is important, as is staying positive and not getting dragged back into negative land! 

Okay, enough. Here's the scoop:


Weight: 147.2
Energy level: Great
BM: Yes, several (I tend to get shy colon when away from home)
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great! Even though I had to come back to work...
Exercise: Uhhhh, nope. But am planning on intervals at lunch.
Other: Almond addition is going swimmingly thus far. I picked up some naked almond butter on my way to work and had a Tb with my breakfast. Yum! And no pain so far. Fingers crossed!

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