Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #3

Wednesday July 8th, 2015

Definitely stopping food additions for the time being! 

I sat down and wrote down a log of the foods I added (at least one inadvertently, not really knowing that I couldn't have it - damn cracked pepper) and I added 3 of them all in a bunch. Not smart. Don't be stoopey! Don't do what I did. One at a time, wait a few days for any reaction (at least 4, some say 7), then cross it off or note the date of your reaction. Once the reaction symptoms pass, then and only then, try another food in the group. Thus far I have added eggs, cracked black pepper, fennel seeds, and (a long time ago) a legume with an edible pod (that being canned organic green beans). The only one I can be certain I didn't react to was the green beans. The rest of them I have to wait to try again! Until the headaches pass at least. 

I'm kinda pissed at myself for doing this so shabbily. After all of the reading and sticking to the strict protocols with no problem, I jumped in with two feet instead of dipping a toe in the water first. Shame on me! I deserve to suffer.

The good news is that the hubby likes the food! He may get healthier in spite of his efforts to continue to eat poisonous foods. He sits down every day after work and consumes 1/4 bag of Safeway "fresh" tortilla chips (I tried these in April and was astonished at how stale they tasted, but he likes that) and salsa. Okay so salsa isn't so bad, right? But eating that many GMOs on a daily basis can't be good. He also eats cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch, with a granola bar or two. Processed foods everywhere! He isn't concerned about his health, he has no autoimmune conditions to contend with, and he poops quite freely (and quite stink-ily, I might add) - live and let live, I guess.


Weight: 151.2 - has to be an anomaly - has to! 
Energy level: Great
BM: Little hard fellas, but they've been the right color (nice and brown with no variations and no undigested food in them, thank the good Lord above)
Other Gastro: Good. Started with some constipation pain but it's gone now that I've gone (tee hee)
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Dog walkies, few trips around the block
Other: The headache is finally subsiding to the point of nearly gone. I haven't had any pepper tainted food since lunchtime yesterday.

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