Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #4 - It's a Sunshine Day!

Thursday July 9th, 2015

Best Endocrinologist Appointment EVER!

I'm back from my thrice (now changed to twice) yearly Endocrinologist appointment and Dr. Evil is very happy with me, has paroled me from checking blood sugars unless I feel like it, told me I've done a great job with my weight and my overall health. My numbers were all GOOD. So good that I don't have to go back until January. 

Dance with me! I feel like throwing a party! HELL YEAH!

This works people - it actually, truly works! Once you are ready to give up foods that you may like but don't need, do this. DO THIS. It works, and that makes the hard parts seem so much easier.

I had a very successful trip to Whole Paycheck last night - hard to find food items found: grass fed ghee, grass fed butter, coconut aminos in the large bottle, organic coconut milk with NO additives, and organic portabella mushrooms. Success level = high! Too bad it's so damn expensive, oy. Trader Joe's had my favorite coconut milk with no crap in it (their 'lite' offering) but it's not organic and oh, they don't have it anymore. The last two trips they have only had coconut cream, which is tasty but has lots of additives. Bummer.

Last night I made these amazing portabella burgers with butter lettuce, avocado, and caramelized onion rings. Very, very good. I had less than a full portion but I was full; added a good scoop of fermented cabbage (Bubbie's is my fave by far) and some organic unsweetened apple sauce to my plate. Absolutely delicious! I'm getting my recipes from this fantastic cookbook, Nourish. I highly recommend it! It's not as educational as the first one I bought, but it has great, creative recipes! Here's a link to it on Amazon:

And a link to the other one I recommend:

Get 'em, and get cooking!


Weight: 151.2 again, thank ye Jesus
Energy level: Good
BM: Small but yes
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Great!
Exercise: Long walk with dog, 3 mile interval training at lunch

Other: The reason energy and clarity are only "good" today is because I was awakened by a vicious lower leg cramp at 4:30, and I was not able to get back to sleep. Boo. Also have a headache again, but today I'm close to sure that it's because I waited until after I went to the doc to eat. I had some tea, but no food. I don't like to eat early no matter what, so I chose to wait. 

Two hours later: yep, I think I nailed that one. After eating and taking my stuffs, including Claritin (allergies are out of control this year in COS due to the high humidity and endless rain), the headache is but a memory. Maybe I'm actually figuring this stuff out... go figure.

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