Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #9

Tuesday July 14th, 2015

Well, heck. I guess I was due for a small setback, and here it is: I haven't pooped since Sunday. ARGH! I've been going so well and so regularly that I took it for granted. Never take pooping for granted! It is not granted thus. But I digress...

Late yesterday I dealt with some upper GI pain and bloating - old school, had to unzip my jeans on the drive home. The bloating and pain both dissipated, and I made several attempts to trick the poop into coming out (sitting on the toilet playing Candy Crush Soda on my phone as if I had all the time in the world) but nobody showed up. This morning I tried that again and was able to squeeze out a couple of little marbles, but it was less than satisfying. I have to evacuate those suckers today! 

Here's my strategy: move around as much as possible (strolls around the block usually help) and keep up my fluid intake. I can sort of tell that it's getting ready to come out big time, but damn it's uncomfortable in the mean time.

Is this a late reaction to egg yolks? Could be. Latent reactions are common, and they can come in any shape or form: gastric distress, headaches, brain fog, fatigue. Is this due to the sheer volume of veggies I'm taking in? Could be. Although I'm combating that with digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc. I guess I'll wait to see what today brings before I decide.

One thing is clear, I need to wait for this to pass before I introduce another new food in case it is a reaction. Makes me glad I chose a spreadsheet for my schedule because it will be easy to update when I have one of these incidents to wait out. 


Weight: 149.4 (HELLO! Below 150!)
Energy level: Great
BM: Didn't have to wait long for relief! Before 9:00 and without even a single stroll around the block, my bowels let loose a terrific looking snaky thing that (were it a real snake) would have been a bull snake, hand to God. It was HUGE. I feel so much better now, thank you.
Other Gastro: Fine
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Double dog walkies this morning, walks around the block even though I pooped, it's a lovely day!
Other: Nada

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