Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015 - Coffee Update & Grass Fed Cream Introduction

Right off the bat Imma me tell you how utterly grateful I am to the fine folks at Fitbit! Not only did they send a replacement quickly, it got here pretty quickly too! This is great because I'm lazy and I forget to turn on tracking and carry my phone with me A LOT, so I was missing valuable steps. Righteous guys - you are amazing!

I'd also like to speak for a moment about the unearthly delights we have been enjoying from our local sustainable/organic/pastured pork producer - the stuff gets better every time we try something new. I cooked up a batch of bacon on Thursday night to make breakfast a bit easier in the AM, and we couldn't even wait until it was cooled to start tasting it (and by tasting I mean "eating an entire piece each") because the aroma was absolutely intoxicating. The bacon is cut very thick, it has lots of meat and the fat bits - oh my dear God in heaven, they are just as chewy and tasty as you can imagine. I failed to take pictures, sorry, but take my word for it - you need to find someone near you or someone that can ship to you because this is the best food we've ever eaten. I can't wait to fill my freezer with beef from this ranch!

Have you ever seen someone get so excited about meat? Just sayin', it's the little things that make this lifestyle so much better and easier to live with. Sugar be damned, I want some pig candy!

My average weight right now is 146.9, which, again, I am quite happy with! The jeans I was afraid to put in the dryer two weeks ago are now baggy to the point of needing to put them in the dryer, so I'll see if I can talk myself into doing that when they get washed. The old habit of line drying jeans is going to be a tough one to break, never mind the damn fear that one day I will wake up and be 20 lbs overweight again. I realize that this is a problem that exists only in my head, and I aim to retrain my brain. I don't believe in shrinks. I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves. That's how I roll. That is why I started all of this life changing dietary stuff in the first place, right? Right.

Thanks to my trainer, Mrs. Jenn, I'm much stronger than I've been in years and as promised, this makes running easier. My endurance has increased by double, I would guess, after just a few weeks of strength and toning. 

New and/or noteworthy:

I took a stab at plantain waffles yesterday and boy was that a disaster! First off I had no idea what to look for in a plantain and they were all green so it didn't matter much anyway, but second - the recipes lie to you. They do! They flat out lie. I was never able to get the "batter" past the stage of still-had-tiny-lumps-of-plantain which I didn't know was what they meant by "batter", so I added some water and only ended up with watery "batter" that stuck to the waffle iron like that was its job. That part was frustrating and MESSY but the waffles were actually quite tasty. Sadly just refrigerating them overnight has made them dry as hell, and I can't swallow a bite without a chaser.

Bone broth is being added back into my daily routine as of today. I realized that I've been lacking this essential part of my diet for almost two weeks! Ridiculous. I got myself a Thermos and heated some of my fabu chicken broth this morning, giving myself about a cup and a half of delicious snack-sipping to have throughout the day.

Coffee is my friend! Totally passed with flying colors, I'm washing down my dry as hell waffle with a cup right now. I don't think I realized this before but it seems that coffee is my lobster (if you don't get the Friends television show, here's a clip from the YouTube for ye: She's Your Lobster - you're welcome) but IT IS! Loving having it back in my life and my tummy.

'k, so let's get real about grass fed milk: I have several problems. The first is that what you're supposed to intro initially is grass fed RAW cream. If I tried I'm sure that I could locate this item but the question I have is: how do I trust anyone selling this item to me? That is obviously not something you can buy in the grocery store no matter how earth-mothery that store is, because it isn't legal. So no.

Second, the next item is grass fed milk kefir. Ummmm, no. Again with the no. No one makes this, I have yet to locate kefir grains in any local earth-mother store and I sure as heck fire am not ordering them from the internet. Why? Because how do I know they are safe, or have been handled properly? 

Furthermore, it's not just me. Take this excerpt from an email I received just yesterday courtesy of Izabella Wentz:

"Raw Milk Myth

Some believe that the pasteurization process can potentially denature dairy proteins, making them seem even more foreign to the body, and increasing the likelihood of an immune response. This is why some raw milk advocates will state that only pasteurized milk is a problem and that everyone should drink raw milk.

This could be true, potentially, if you spent your entire life drinking only raw milk, however most of us have not. Unfortunately, if you have already been sensitized to the pasteurized cow’s milk proteins, you’re likely going to react to the raw milk dairy proteins. They are similar enough. "

I get it from the standpoint of adding things that are less reactive to most reactive - totally makes sense. But if these things are not realistic, then I have a problem. As with un-pasteurized milk. Yes I have heard all of the arguments about how much safer raw milk products are, but any fluctuation in refrigeration or temperature makes them vulnerable to all kinds of awful bacteria. As for me, no thanks.

So here is what I did get:

Look at that happy cow! So pretty, and oh my, her milk is very tasty. A little bit sweeter than regular milk, with this thick cream on top (that part kind of grossed me out actually, but I scooped some out and put it in my tea anyway, since I'm supposed to have cream - wink-wink). If I get through this addition without reaction, I will likely buy the 2% version of this milk hereafter, because my hubby will then partake of it as well. No need to buy two different milks, eh?

Next up: if I get through this milk situation, is going to be grass fed cheese. I will have to look into that one, not sure where to find it, but I'm sure someone has some Parmesan or whatever to try. THEN I'm going to take a break from introductions for a week or so. I'm tried, frankly, and I want to reassess what it is that I'm doing with the intros. There are more nightshades after grass fed moo-juice and after the reaction I had to eggplant (the least reactive of them all) I'm really iffy about going forward with the pepper intros. As in VERY. So I think I'll just regroup and keep posting updates for y'all, and figure out my next move. Frankly milk is the very last thing that I wanted to add because I do like it. As for nightshades I like paprika a lot (maybe I'll try that and skip the eggplant, which I don't care for so much?) but the rest of them I can totally live without. 

Stay tuned, and until next time - be healthy, be strong and take care!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27th, 2015 - Coffee Introduction

Hey now, coffee day is here at last! It has been a long time coming and while I'm very excited I'm also trying to be cool, knowing that a negative reaction could we crouched just in the shadows, waiting to pounce. Crouching reaction, hidden gasbag! I have to laugh or I'll cry... Either way, I still have my favorite breakfast teas to drink and they are plenty caffeinated for this old broad.

I must tell you - I had a cup of organic coffee, brewed at half strength, with coconut milk  - ER. MAH. GERD. It was soooooo goooooood. Yes I've been missing you so much coffee! So much! Now we wait.

So. How have you been? I've been well, mostly. Following the eggplant reaction I pushed coffee out one day to make sure I was symptom free, because as of Tuesday I was not symptom free by any stretch. I had a lingering headache that acetaminophen couldn't touch, some nasty back pain and I was alternately feeling anxious and extremely hot. When I woke up on Wednesday I felt clear at last - that was a pretty bad reaction. 

Biggest news of the century - I lost my Fitbit on Saturday (I think I reported this? maybe not but I have been bitching about it non-stop), and it has not turned up (as I suspected it wouldn't). I did all of the search methods they recommend on their support site, then tweeted support, they directed me to submit a ticket, I got an email from support telling me to try what I had already tried (and included in the trouble ticket), after which they told me that a replacement would be sent out the following day. Sure enough, I received an email on Tuesday telling me that my replacement had shipped! This is great customer service, thank heavens someone is still doing the right thing by the customers! The bloody things do fall off pretty easily, and I've noticed that other companies are now making a small band that you can slide like a buckle over the clasps of the Fitbit - I'm just wondering why Fitbit isn't all over this and providing same along with their new units. I imagine that tiny thing will save them lots of money in replacement Fitbits, wouldn't you think? 

Not as big as the Fitbit story is the happy story of pork, and how a lot of it came to my house to live in a chest freezer in the garage. In my never ending quest for cleaner, healthier foods I came across this link: This link has made my life so, so much easier! I was able to locate a rancher nearby and ordered a pork sampler, which they delivered to my local Home Depot parking lot (okay, that part is a little bit odd, but I had the option to pick it up at the ranch and opted for delivery) and LET ME TELL YOU: this pork is amazing. It's red, like - you would think it was beef! Not grey like the crap you see at the grocery; it had clearly been slaughtered recently and immediately vacuum packed and frozen. It's delicious! 

I have also put a deposit on a turkey for Thanksgiving, and will be ordering some beef when what I have on hand runs low. I still have enough beef from a Groupon I purchased (American Farmers Network - not so good, by the way - I don't recommend them) a month or so ago. Big win there, no having to worry about finding good, clean meat at the (over priced) grocery stores when I can stock up and not worry about it for many weeks!

I've been quite pleased with my home fermenting operation, which sometimes does and sometimes does not give me a week's worth of kraut, but they have all been really good. This week I  have a red cabbage with candy cane beet concoction that is quite marvelous. It's really red, almost purple and has a wonderful earthy quality from the beets that I was not expecting. Yum! This weekend I get to bust out my first attempt at white cabbage with carrot and caraway seed *I think*. Looking forward to that!

Okay so here's the skinny (HA!) on what's been going on weight-wise: I have been maintaining at an average of 147.2 over the past week. I'm happy with that because I have been eating until I'm quite satisfied, sleeping like a champ and exercising effectively. My arms are starting to reflect the hard work I'm putting in, and even my abs have responded well. I don't have a six pack or anything, but the tummy is looking less flabby and I can easily hold a plank for a minute+. But just one! Subsequent planks are generally fails at the 30-45 second mark, and by the time I say "uncle" my core is shaking like a virgin on her wedding night. I still can't do more than 8 push ups (and holy shit! do I hate those bastards) but repeatedly lifting two 8-lb weights over my head is getting easier. Next month we are supposed to switch to 10-lb weights! We will definitely have to ease into that.

Walking my little guy this morning I took this photo. We were walking in sunshine whilst it rained on our heads! I hope you can see what I saw; rain falling quite steadily in the sunny intersection. One of the zillions of reasons I love Colorado...

Aight, that's all I have for today so until the next time: stay strong and be well!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sometimes I Am My Own Mountain...

Monday August 24th, 2015

Morning peeps!

Just popping in today to say that, at times, I get in my own way and create obstacles for myself that are appalling yet hopelessly human. In what way? In the most obvious way I can think of. 

Saturday night I went through with my eggplant intro, it was delicious, and I cooked a whole bunch so that, if symptom free, I would have it all ready to go for day #2. I looked at it in the refrigerator yesterday, quite a few times to be perfectly honest - thinking I'll have some in a little while. Breakfast was rushed yesterday as it tends to be on up-mountain days and halfway through that I realized that my Fitbit wasn't on my wrist.

Holy distraction, Batman! 

The Fitbit thing is a major disaster for me, let me tell you. I checked the app and noted that it hadn't tracked any activity since Saturday evening around 5:30, at which time I was grocery shopping, and I know exactly where. In the frenzy to leave the house and get up the mountain before the hoards, I had hubby call the stores I shopped in but no luck. After kayaking I went back to both stores, looked around the parking lot, hoping that my app would pick up the signal - nothing. So frustrating.

Anyway, see how distracting that was just documenting it? That's how my entire day went.

Breakfast went out the window with no eggplant. Lunchtime I was totally preoccupied with the locating of the Fitbit, even contacting their support team to see if they can use the GPS tracker to generally locate the sucker. Manually added in all of my activity for the day and frowned a lot. Tried to take a nap with my ailing old doggie but was plagued by horrific neck pain from God-only-knows-what now, cleaned the house, prepped my next batch of kraut, cooked acorn squash to make "oatmeal" (completely amazing, by the way, with roasted bananas and organic, raw cacao nibs), got stuff out for dinner that didn't thaw in time to make dinner which led to the inevitable what-are-we-having-for-dinner scramble, for which I sauteed some zucchini with onions and tons of garlic -- and completely forgot to eat the damn eggplant.


This morning I brought it with me, and had some with breakfast. It was quite savory with Italian style herbs and that wonderful tomato-y tasting cherry sauce - but I ate it anyway so raspberries to me. 

Just wanting to point out that we are all human, and we all make mistakes, and no matter how careful we are we will sometime just FORGET stuff and it's not a fatal error. The worst case scenario for me with the eggplant is that if I react, I will have to lose a day to recovery before I add the next food back. No big deal, no life or death - just life!

Have a nice Monday :-)

UPDATE!!! I had a full blown reaction to the eggplant, not sure how I missed it yesterday after eating it on Saturday, but there you have it. Headache, joint aches, anxiety. Oy...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22, 2015 - Cashew Update & Eggplant Introduction

How-deee! I didn't think I was going to miss writing this blog every day, but I kind of do. Sorta. Not every day but well, you get the drift.

That cashew intro did not end well, I'm afraid. Day two I had some pretty major upper GI pain followed by the anxiety that I mentioned the other day worsening, then on day three I had a headache that just would not stop, even after taking acetaminophen. Therefore I'm calling cashews a FAIL, big time. To only get through the first day with no reaction is not good. Bummer, I will miss them, but frankly I think I'm eating enough stuff as it is. 

There's a hell of a statement, and an unexpected revelation at that! 

I'm looking forward to trying some eggplant but I'm not the biggest fan really. I'm doing it to get through the nightshades so that eventually I can try paprika and tomatoes; those are the two nightshades I care about. Bell pepper and I have never seen eye to eye, and I will be amazed if I can pass them. Not only do I not like the flavor or the aroma of them, they inevitably give me horrid heartburn. Maybe not after all of this time, we shall see! Regardless I won't be eating them, because I don't like them. 

Anyhoo, did a 5k this morning with a bunch of awesome people ad had a blast doing it. Unfortunately the event took place in a rugged spot, it started quite late, and it was as hot as a blast furnace. I got my steps in though, boy howdy! It was one of those color things where they throw powdered color on you throughout the course. It was a very windy day, lots of color went flying away on the hot wind, I'm sure to land on some unsuspecting cow or bull grazing quietly just beyond where the run was held.

Eggplant in a few minutes with our very late dinner tonight (oy vay, totally my fault) - roasted with Italian herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil in the oven to be topped with the cherry (tomato tasting) sauce that I made last week to have with something I can't recall now. It smells great and I hope it's a GO!

Tomorrow we will be heading up the mountain to do some kayaking while the weather is still pleasant. It's supposed to be a cool day which means that I might be able to sneak in a little interval training in the afternoon. We shall see.

In the mean time, here's a pic from the 5k - I'll be back to tell you all how the introduction went in a few days!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One Hundred Days!!

Wednesday August 19th, 2015
Today is a celebration! 

I'm celebrating being 100 days into my new life and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a summary of all the changes that have cascaded from what started out as an experiment. I had no idea that it would end up actually changing my life, or that 100 days later I would be ecstatic about it! 

In the interest of keeping it real, I'm going to list out the things I don't miss, the things I do miss, changes in my body, and my hopes for the future. I promise to keep it fun because this is a party! I love the dude on the end there with the bottle of Skyy vodka hanging out of his mouth...

Plus, I want to share with you my secret fear. It isn't much of a secret because I've uttered it to pretty much everyone I know, but here goes: I'm afraid of going to my favorite place, Disneyland, because I know I will cheat. I KNOW this, and I'm a little terrified, to be perfectly honest. I know I will want popcorn, and soda, and a giant caramel and chocolate covered apple in the evening, and I will want to eat the delightful gluten free foods they have from buns, to ice cream and fresh baked bread. Part of me thinks, yes, cheat! Go ahead. Do it once, this will be your exception, but don't come crying to me when you're dying for the next few days after. With that in mind, here is my prayer: Lord, please grant me the strength to avoid making bad food decisions even when "friendly" and familiar foods are desired. 

First things first, as the saying goes. Things are going to be changing around here after today. What will be changing, you ask? Allow me to outline the changes for you.

  1. I may not be posting daily, but will likely post on food introduction days and when there is something to write about
  2. I will no longer be obsessing over my weight on a daily basis. This was fine for a period of time, when I really needed to do so, but no one can live with that kind of pressure every day. What I will do instead is keep a chart by my scale, weight in a few times each week, and take the average. 
  3. Instead of obsessing about the number, I'm moving on to toning what I've got - building muscle and trimming the cruddy spots...
  4. I'm going to focus on healing... which is why I'm making the changes above. I've been focused on the elimination, deprivation, healing and introduction phases of my plan but I need to switch my focus to my overall health. Not to worry, I will continue to blog about it!

Things I don't miss:
Refined sugar and sweets - this one surprises me more than you can imagine! I like to smell them (and yes, I can) but I don't want to eat them
Popcorn - I have a very clear memory of how awful it makes me feel after I eat it. No thanks.
Not being able to poop - huge. This is huge for me after a lifetime of not pooping.
Self loathing and the blame spiral - speaks for itself, no? I was constantly blaming myself and hating myself for being fat and not being able to eat like a normal person. Why be normal anyway?
My clothes, even my fat clothes, not fitting - this is the long way of saying BLOATING, I suppose. Rings and watch too, I was always battling to get my rings on and off, and couldn't even try after a walk or workout - I would have such sausage fingers that there was no way.
Being hungry all the time but never satisfied!
Being tired all the time, even after sleeping 8+ hours.
Being gassy all the time
Being grumpy all the time
Being in pain after eating - for me this was mainly in the gut, but also to a lesser extent my joints, and near constant headaches
Never feeling awake, or energetic
My hair thinning and falling out like crazy
Feeling shitty, in general

Things I do miss:
Refined sugar and sweets - gotcha! I miss picking up a candy bar every now and then, but only once in a blue moon. Most of the time I'm 100% okay with not being able to have them.
Beer, martinis - yep, this is a big one. I miss having a Saturday evening martini with hubby before dinner, and I miss (gluten free) beer with chicken wings. Junk, I know. But manna want it just the same!
Simply ordering from a restaurant menu - I get weepy at the thought! I remember not having to ask what everything is made from, and not having to give a long list of forbidden items to a waiter every time I eat out. I'm also embarrassed for those with me as they have to sit through it all, and I'm sure they are inwardly rolling their eyes.
Grande non-fat lattes - oh my dear sweet baby Jesus, more than I can even express...
Pancakes and waffles - big time.

Lost lots of weight, rather easily (in hindsight). Score.
Regular bowel movements
And end to the constant bloating and snausage phenomenon!
Eczema cleared up
No more pimples on my chin, jawline and neck (I may never have mentioned this before, but it was a major problem - I would get these horrid, cystic zits that were painful and never came to a head)
Sleeping through the night, unless a dog gets sick or there's a spider threat
No more pointless fatigue, as in, I don't feel tired just because I'm alive, I have energy!
Healthy hair, nails and skin - a real first for me since my 30's! 
Improved memory
No more food cravings, sweet or salty, ever
I'm not hungry all the time! I eat what I need, I feel full and satisfied. It's amazing.
My moods have stabilized
Hot flashes are all but gone - a major improvement
... and I just feel a lot better, period. 

For the next 100 days, I hope...

That coffee works for me, because damn, a girl can go a long time without it but I still miss it terrible!

That some day in the foggy, distant future I sincerely hope that I can have milk once in a while. Even if it's grass fed so that I can make myself a latte, that would be heaven.

To tone my smaller body so that it looks better. That's pure vanity, I realize, but having bags of skin and cellulite hanging from my arms is petty demoralizing.

To have the strength to stick to this way of life. I think I will because of all the benefits, and I'm really learning a lot about food, local meat producers following the standards I need, and am in a groove with cooking - but I know how fragile this is, and how easily I can become derailed. 

To encourage and help others going through what I have been through. I know how hard it is, how utterly frustrating and embarrassing it is, how easy it is to become complacent and give up. 

And so, for now - a fond farewell that isn't farewell at all, stay strong, keep your powder dry and just remember: if I can do it, YOU can do it! KEEP IT UP! Loving yourself is the first step to healing!

Paleo AIP Day #45

Wednesday August 19th, 2015

Happy 100 days to me! 

A couple of things before I publish my 100th day special edition post (lol):

I screwed up again! Yes, I'm a feck-up, I confess. This is what happens when I stop paying close attention to ALL THE THINGS; I have reintroduced black pepper quite accidentally (however deliciously) right in the middle of the grass fed butter and cashew introductions. OOPS! I purchased some lovely organic roast and sliced chicken breast from Costco that I've been having at breakfast as well as lunch. Well, it has pepper in it. The GOOD news is that I haven't reacted, so yay! The BETTER news is that I get to take pepper off my list and that moves coffee up a few days to August 30th. High five!

But, a note of caution is in order here, don't do this kids, please. I wish to God I hadn't and am currently extremely thankful that I haven't had any reaction to the pepper or the cashews, because any reaction could have been caused by either. I'd feel like one of those hoochies on Maury trying to find out which food was the father of my food reaction baby - ha ha! Not funny though.

Anyhoo, that's enough of that. 


Weight: 146.4
Energy level: Fab!
BM: Ermahgerd, not really. I feel like a completely full pinata, like one false move or jostle is going to cause a cavalcade of pooh to come spilling out of me! Aye aye aye.
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Great
Exercise: Short walk, it's strength and toning day, so I will be tortured instead of getting steps today.
Other: I have a mild form of anxiety that I can just barely feel around the edges of my being this week. I'm quite sure that it's work related, things are crazy busy and I have opposing forces yelling things in my face on a nearly daily basis - so, yeah. I'm going to try taking some Rescue Remedy today and laying off the caffeinated tea, herbal all the way today - maybe even some chamomile! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #44 - Cashew Introduction

Tuesday August 18th, 2015

Day 99... 

Tomorrow is a big day for me, celebrating 100 days since I started this journey, at which time I had no idea how it would all turn out. I had stubborn pride on the line while harboring fears wrought of years of failure after failure to control the toll Hashimoto's was taking on my body and my psyche. I don't know that I truly believed I could succeed. I'm glad that I finally reached the point of "fuck it" and decided to do the most obvious but hardest thing there is - change my life.

Enough of the waxing philosophical! I will be doing a lot more of that tomorrow; let's just save it for then, eh?

Today is cashew day!!!!

I just happened to have a small bag of raw cashew pieces in my pantry, and last night I took care of them proper (soaked for a few hours, dried in the oven on the lowest temp overnight). They aren't as crispy as I would have imagined, but they're delish! I had a few while I was making breakfast for the dogs because I was frigging hungry this morning (odd, but I'll go with it) and I've just had a few more following breakfast. Now we wait!

We're having a very cool morning for this time of year (55 degrees when I woke with a shiver) but the sun is out and the weather should be fab for my interval training at lunch time. I can't wait! Had such a great outing on Saturday that I want to repeat it badly. It's like a deep itch that I can't quite scratch, savvy? I think I'm going to be partner-less today because it's someone's birthday and that means some will be lunching out. Pas moi!


Weight: 146
Energy level: Great
BM: Eek - not yet!
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Decent walk with the little guy this morning, intervals to come

This is a short post, so have a picture of my cutey pie to make up for it:

Monday, August 17, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #43

Monday August 17th, 2015

Monday is a humbug! Both hubby and I wanted to stay home (or not go to work, more accurately) today. I'm in a call-in-sick-and-go-to-the-casino mood; an oddly reflective mood that I haven't experienced since I left Vegas nearly 3 years ago. Yes, I had days like that in Vegas, I only acted on the feeling once, but I absolutely despised my job and was quite miserable. Here, today, I'm quite sure that it's a product of a very busy, completely un-relaxing weekend and being so busy at work right now. This too shall pass.

But, the good news, because I am Miss Merry Sunshine-up-the-bum, is that Disneyland is now only 58 days away! Even closer is our trip to Breckenridge for Labor Day weekend, that sucker is only 19 days away. Whaaaaat? Yepper. Good times, can't wait to see how long I can interval at 9,000 feet... ha ha!

This morning I'm chillin' with some good oldies on the iTunes whilst I blog, which is setting up my mood for the day - mellow is what I'm going for. Let's see if I can actually get there!

Food introduction-wise I'm doing really well. It is now day #4 after grass fed butter and I'm doing just fab, so yes, I will be moving on to cashews tomorrow. What THAT means is that I have work to do tonight to soak and dry some raw cashews, wish I had done that over the weekend but frankly I was so busy that I only sat down to shit and eat. Gross, sorry.

I have jumped the gun just a little bit on the coffee intro by purchasing a bag of organic ground coffee yesterday. The intro is currently scheduled to start on 9/3. I say currently for a bloody reason - I may not be able to wait that long! I have nightshades after cashews, and for crying out loud I just don't care about eggplant right now. On the other hand, I do care about paprika, and paprika follows cracked black pepper, and cracked black pepper (intro attempt #2) is after eggplant. 

That was exhausting!

Also, keeping the goal in mind, this is the order in which I am supposed to be doing my intros and I sure as hell-o don't want to screw that up again at this stage of the game. I'm getting kind of excited about the introductions to follow, so here they go just so you know what I'm all giddy about:

8/18 - cashews & pistachios
8/22 - eggplant (nightshade #1)
8/26 - cracked black pepper (attempt #2, berry based spice)
8/30 - paprika (nightshade #2)
9/3 - coffee (squeeeeeee!)
9/7 - grass fed raw cream (good luck to me, finding such a specialty item may be hard!)
9/11 - grass fed milk kefir (this does exist, I've seen it)
9/15 - grass fed cheese (another one not so easy to find)
9/19 - Chili pepper (nightshade #3)
9/23 - tomato (nightshade #4)
9/27 - bell pepper (nightshade #5) - my least favorite of them all... may not add back in, I never ate them before
10/1 - larger amount of alcohol - not sure I understand the point of this, I'm totally fine with not consuming larger amounts of alcohol...

Then begins the "other foods" category, including things I may want to try that are not necessarily allowed on the Paleo AIP:

10/5 - corn (maybe) - likely in the popped form, which is something I'm never supposed to eat but it's the only way I like it
10/9 - white rice
10/13 - soaked and fermented legumes (lentils) - sounds totally gross
10/17 - regular dairy - if I even get that far, and decide that it's worth trying to add non-AIP items. 

Holy long post, Batman! Sorry. Excited today.


Weight: 146 - looks like I'm staying here!
Energy level: Great
BM: Yes, a really good one!
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Good (the Monday thing)
Exercise: Very short walk with the dogs this morning, and it's strength day, so I will sweat but I won't get a lot of steps in.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #42

Sunday August 16th, 2015

Not so late today, eh? I did most of my everything-I-had-to-do yesterday so as not to spend two whole days running around. Although somehow I managed to lose a cable remote control with all of my tearing around like a Tasmanian devil yesterday, and the hubby is pretty pissed at me. As in very! As am I. I've been looking since last night and haven't found it. Talk about frustrating...

So today is the Great Purge around here; the day we take a bunch of crap we're not using anymore, pile it into a vehicle and take it to Goodwill. Enough already! I would love to sell some of it but hubby detests garage sales and I can't really do one alone, so that's a non-starter. Oh well, best to just get rid of it and free up some space! Not to fill with more crap though, please Lord give me the strength to leave space empty, amen.

So today I've had a really nice morning BM, but I still feel like there is a ball of fiber sitting in my gut. I think it's because I ran out of homemade kraut and hadn't purchased any so I went a whole day with none. Backed me up but good! Or maybe it's the extra probiotics I've been taking just putting a hurting on me. Not sure, but I just ate lunch and it seems to be going away now. Maybe I was HUNGRY. Hmm.


Weight: 146
Energy level: Great!
BM: Si!
Other Gastro: Rock in gut, clearing up now
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Long walkabout with my doggie, not doing intervals today, even Super Woman needs a day of rest, holy shit!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #41

Saturday August 15th, 2015

Busy, busy day! 

I got my intervals in this morning before the real heat of the day kicked in, and haven't stopped since. I went to the farmers market, Costco, DSW, Whole Foods and then home to wash and prep the veg I got at the market, clean the house and rearrange the laundry room. It's almost 4:00, I have a 4:40 brow waxing appointment and I'm pooped!

So, quick and dirty: the butter seems not to have harmed me, but I haven't had any today. Frankly it's just so hot that butter seems like a terrible idea. I'll put some on our fresh, organic green and wax beans this evening for sure.


Weight: 146 - yep, true.
Energy level: Great!
BM: Mucho grande, si
Other Gastro: Nope
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Meh, I hate cleaning. My mood will improve once I'm done running around for the day and have 5 minutes to chill out.
Exercise: Walked dog for 1 mile, intervals for 3.5 miles

See you tomorrow!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #40 - Reintroduction of Grass Fed Butter and a Confession or Two

Friday August 14th, 2015

Howdy y'all, I have a confession to make: I already reintroduced the ghee. Yes, I nearly doubled up on the wine (lost my mind there!) but had no reaction, so it's on to grass fed butter. Forgive me, I'm only human.

Today I'm having the worst breakfast I've had since I started the whole elimination diet back in May. I had some leftover acorn squash porridge and I was in such a rush this morning that I didn't feel like cooking bacon so I put some cooked and crumbled plain ground pork in a small container to have as my protein.

The pork was cooked for my dogs, as I ran out of canned dog food and didn't have time to swing by the Big R on my way home last night as hubby was out of town and I needed to get home to my babies. Therefore the pork is not seasoned. Also the porridge is from the bottom of the container; the dregs, if you will, and it is stringy and awful! So I'm not digging on any of it, and I'm not motivated to eat. I'm shoveling a little bit of it in just to have fuel but EW! Not good.

I have another confession to make: I have a body image problem. I have suspected this for many years, but got my proof last night and again this morning. I have lost 22.7 pounds, right? And two sizes to boot. The problem is, when I see myself without clothing, I don't see any difference. I caught my reflection as I was getting ready for bed last night and again this morning as I got out of the shower, and both times I quietly called myself a fat ass. I see no change whatsoever until I put my clothes on, and that's not good. 

My backstory: all of my life I was called fat by my family - I know, boo-hoo, poor me, etc. I never consciously dwell on that but let me tell you, it has an impact whether I like it or not. My nickname from birth was Minnesota Fats (thanks Dad), my sister and grandmother were always telling me I could afford to miss a few meals, one of my skinny friends called me "fat boy" (even though I'm a girl, hello) - it piles on. The sad fact is that I was chubby, but never FAT until Hashimoto's started taking a toll on my in my late 20's. I didn't know it, of course, until many years later, but I have literally battled with my weight for my entire life. 

This being the case, no amount of weight loss is ever good enough for me. Just like no amount of weight loss or success was ever enough for my grandmother, God rest her soul. She had a huge influence on me until she died at the age of 94. When I drove through blizzard conditions on Thanksgiving to see her in the nursing home just days before she died, she yanked my bangs over to one side and said "get a haircut, you look like a Mexican with all that hair in your face." Ouch. At that time I was very thin so she had nothing to say about my weight. 

Anyway, this is getting deep, but I realize that the first step to fixing a problem like this is realizing and owning up to it. Here and now, I am openly owning my body image problem!

On to the rest...


Weight: 145.6 (ERMAHGERD, SRSLY?)
Energy level: Pretty good
BM: Just a beginner so far
Other Gastro: Lower GI gas today, not sure why. Might have been that damn pork.
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Good
Exercise: Nearly no walk today, I'm planning to head out around the block momentarily. Also feel a poop coming on. Today is strength training so there will be no steps!
Other: I'm going to try the grass fed butter at dinner tonight, and see what happens. My reactions have generally been swift and clear, but one never knows.

Total sidebar: I'm not so sure that I even want butter back in my life. I'm really enjoying cooking with healthier fats so just because I can doesn't mean that I will. Getting past butter means being able to try grass fed milk, and that's where my heart is. I have a funny feeling that I won't be able to pass the butter test. I fear that dairy has long been a problem for me but I've never eliminated it long enough let alone reintroduced it correctly, so I just don't know. We shall see!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #39

Thursday August 13th, 2015

I have failed to mention that I have been a little bit backed up lately. I think that I haven't said anything because I am always so hopeful that it's going to clear. Typing that made me a little sick, actually - sorry for the saccharin so early in the morning. Although it may not be early or even morning by the time I publish this, or by the time that anyone reads it. 


I've been having these hard little poops, very unsatisfying little fecks for a few days. Today I finally gave in and added another probiotic to my morning regimen and lo and behold, I pooped like a grown up at last. I think I need to leave the probiotics at this level to see if it makes me more regular. I am now taking 200 billion live cultures in the morning, holy shit. And I mean that literally! Those pills are so expensive, but whatever, if they're working I will keep shelling out the dough. Thank my employer for the HSA that I have started to max out, is all I can think of. It's coming in super handy with the advent of all these supplements I'm taking.

I'm drinking some of (the last of, actually) my home made beef bone broth this week as I have received a shipment of same from a company that makes such things. Talk about expensive! It was $10/container, each container holds 15.6 ounces or something. It had better be the best damn bone broth on the planet! I will likely need to find another supplier or just bag the beef version altogether because let me tell you, the stuff I made tastes like CRAP! I'm so sad but I'm making myself drink it because it was so hard to make. 

Speaking of which, I really need to make some chicken bone broth this weekend. I'm completely out but have two carcasses in the freezer just waiting to become delicious.

Okay, alright, enough of that already!


Weight: 145.4 - don't panic! I hadn't pooped well for a couple of days before this weigh in
Energy level: Great
BM: Hell to the YEAH baby
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Walked both dogs around the block this morning, must. do. intervals today but it's going to be mighty hot and humid so - that means early lunch, unless I have meetings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #38

Wednesday August 12th, 2015

Hola, I'm back to normal today. Still totally psyched and all, but much more calm. I'm staring at the postcard from my Gyne that I addressed to myself last October, and I know that I must make that appointment for my annual undressing-below-the-waist and boob-checking but oh, must I really? The humiliation! The staring at the ceiling! I hate it all so!

Right behind that postcard there is a print out from my Endo requesting that I make an appointment at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center to discuss an abnormal lab result on blood protein electrophesis. From two years ago. She's holding on to that single abnormal lab like a pitbull because she tells me that this is something that can and does go cancerous. I followed up with my PMD, he ran the test again and it was well within normal range. Hence my hesitation to call the Cancer Center when there are people who have actual cancer that need appointments far more than do I. But if I'm ever to shut her up about it, I have to do this. YECCHHHH.


We have a vacation in October after which I take an extra day off to do laundry and hang out with my dogs, go to the store, and make doctor appointments. My plan is to call both docs and request appointments that day so I can get then out of the way in one day. Makes sense, no? I'm not sure why I'm asking because yes, it does.

On with the show!


Weight: 145.2 
Energy level: Good
BM: Little one, yeah
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Ehhhhh, it's strength day. I only got around the block with my little dog this morning, not sure if I'll get more.
Other: Had a great interval session yesterday! I started out with a buddy but her calf was bothering her so she headed back to the office to ice and rest it. After that I picked up my pace and swapped intervals to walk 30, jog 45 - and I shattered my per mile average! It felt great, there was good cloud cover but a lot of humidity, I had a great time! Very sweaty, yes, but totally worth it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Tuesday August 11th, 2015

Hell yeah!!!!

I can't believe it, to be honest. I really thought this day was never coming! I'm not setting a new goal weight, this is the holy grail for me. I will work at toning and shaping what's left, will continue to eat what I eat now (plus all additions that pass, of course) and will make damn sure that if/when I gain a pound or two it DOES NOT become a trend. 

I moved the scale - twice! - and weighed myself three times just to be sure the scale wasn't playing games with me.

I am so freaking happy! Thank you for the support, thank you for listening to me whine, thank you for trying this yourself (if you are) and thank God for the book that started this all for me. I am eternally grateful and hereby pledge not to screw it up by wandering away from my new way of eating and thinking about food. Pinkie swear!


Weight: 145 at last!
Energy level: Fantastic
BM: Ah yes, a very nice specimen today
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Great, duh!
Exercise: Walkies with the little one, will be doing interval training at lunch even if it means using a treadmill.
Other: So so so tired of the humidity - it's like I moved back to the midwest this summer. Some torrential rains tore through town yesterday and caused all kinds of damage, flash flooding, etc. Be gone, monsoon, we're done with you!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #36

Monday August 10th, 2015

Happy Monday errybody! Truth is if I had my druthers I'd not be at work today - anyone with me? It feels like weekends get so crammed full of stuff that I need another day just to recover from the weekend. I know I can't be alone in this...

After having a madcap day on Sunday I found myself finishing laundry this morning (yes, really!) but at least I got most of the house cleaned and had a whole hour to spend relaxing in the tub (I outlasted the hot water by at least 20 minutes) before starting dinner. I pretty much didn't sit still except for the bath, and the hour after dinner when True Detective was on. 

The wine introduction went well, I believe. It didn't harm me in any way; no stomach upset, no headache, no fatigue - just a little buzz, as expected. I'm going to dip my toe back in that water this evening (double down! trust but verify!) as the bottle was not finished last night. At this point of introduction I'm only supposed to have a small amount (one glass) and then chill. But I figure that for all of the other intros I've had one small amount on the first day, followed by having the new food 3 times, so what the hell? Can't let good wine go to waste!


Weight: 146 - humbug!
Energy level: Fine and dandy
BM: Yep, finally caught up on that I think.
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Bandit went for his walk this morning, but it's strength day here at the office so I will not likely get in much cardio unless I take my ass around the block a few times. Storms are moving it so I need to do that like, now.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #35 - Alcohol (Wine) Introdcution

Sunday August 9th, 2015


I've been looking forward to this day (evening, rather) for quite some time - it's time to try wine! Yaaaaaaay!

Other than that, sorry so late, we had a very busy morning and I've just sat down for the first time all day, outside of when we were sitting in our kayaks that is. We got up very early, had some breakfast, headed up the mountain and got our boats in the water before 8:00. It's always good to get up there early, before the tourists and the fishermen, just to get out on the water when it's nice and calm, and not so crowded. today was the North Catamount Reservoir and it was heavenly! A tad on the nippy side but we were in the mountains, and besides, I don't mind wearing a long sleeved shirt in the summer if it's warranted. Sadly I'm still clad in my long sleeved shirt and bikini bottoms now that we're home and it's pushing 90 outside. The AC is on inside, and I'm almost done messing around (got a crap ton of cooking done, now I need to finish laundry and vacuum all of the floors. Hooray.

But I'm earning that wine, I'll tell you what! 

Next, after vacuuming, is the jacuzzi tub. OHHHHH I'm doing it today, damn it. My back is killing me, I smell like bug repellent and my legs need shaving. It is on like Donkey Kong!

Here are the vitals, I'll update y'all on how the wine goes tomorrow.


Weight: 145.2
Energy level: Great
BM: Yes, not a great one, but more to come, I can feel it
Other Gastro: Nope
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great, I love crazy Sundays!
Exercise: Lame. Just the yak, a few thousand steps around the house, no real work out.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #34

Saturday August 8th, 2015

Today is gonna be a full day! 

First off, it's s gorgeous morning; cool and overcast with a light breeze - just lovely. 

With that said, there will be much running around like a maniac today. I love weekends, love running all the errands, love getting things done! Today should be ultimate for me. Here's the short list:

Drop car off to have satellite radio receiver installed
Go to Tiny House Jamboree
Go to a farmers market
Hit the quality (natural) grocery store
Go to the regular grocery store
Go to Costco for the quantity items AND a good bottle of wine for my introduction tomorrow 
Pick up dry cleaning
Do laundry (already started)
Get dog food for the little fella
Clean the house (not my favorite!)
Interval training, maybe at the gym due to weather
Take Bandit for his walkabout 
Make Paleo freezer pops

All of that happens before 5:00. Then I might get a hot bath in before dinner, after which I will sit on the couch and probably fall asleep during the Saturday night HBO movie and crawl off to bed, lol!

Tomorrow, there may be some kayaking on the docket, weather permitting. Otherwise there is always shopping to be done, eh? Yes, yes there is. Because I am who I am, when I went shopping for shorts last week I didn't try on any size 8 anything, I got size 10 - it's a self image problem. I wore a pair of those shorts yesterday and they are too big. This is a good thing! I at least need to try on some in an 8. See what happens. 


Weight: 145.6 - shhhhhhh, I don't want to scare it away!
Energy level: Good - didn't sleep long enough
BM: Yep! Good one too!
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Good
Mood: Good. Little tired though.
Exercise: Not yet! I'm working on it, it's still early!
Other: I'm trying to wean myself off of the Calm powder, or at least get it down to only a couple of times weekly. I don't feel that I need it every night, and I don't want to overdo. However I woke up a few times last night and the final time was at 4:30, after which I did not fall back to sleep for an hour, and then I had a nightmare about being shot. Good times.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #33

Friday August 7th, 2015

Hope you didn't just have breakfast... here are a couple of pictures of the flab that I'm looking to rid my body of through sculpting exercises with weights:

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Jenn, with her finger or something in the upper left corner, lol! The front view is the most troubling to me, because hey, I'm not getting any younger. Not sure if there is any amount of effort that will clean that up because my skin is not going to be bouncing back any time soon. y'hear? The back view is more about that fat-back stuff hanging out of my bra and shirt. Yuck.

Anyhoo, happy Friday! 


Weight: 146 again, sweet
Energy level: Great
BM: Little one
Other Gastro: Nope
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Dog walk, will be doing some more walking today, but it has to be early. Gonna be screaming hot again today.
Other: I had a mild headache last night and felt a little bit "off" right before bed. I took a couple of acetaminophen  and woke up feeling great. It was strange and I'm not sure if it was food related or what, but I'm closely monitoring myself for symptoms that might be reactive in nature. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #32

Thursday August 6th, 2014

Yay, it's almost Friday, lots going on at work to keep me on my toes, girlfriends trying out this eating plan are having good results, and I'm just freaking happy today!

The pumpkin seed intro seems to be going well, although I had an episode of deep, lower GI gas yesterday in the late morning, that cleared up quickly enough so I'm eating them again today to see what happens. Fingers crossed. Not that I care so much about the seeds, they've never been of much use to me unless they're making my granola crunchier

Getting right down to the main monkey business...


Weight: 146 - say whaaaaaat? Hoping this is a breakthrough and not a fluke based on lots of pooping
Energy level: Great!
BM: Not yet, but she's-a-comin'
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Great!
Exercise: Longer walk with the pup today than usual, need to get my ass around the block a few times too. It's going to be really, really hot again today. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #31 - Seed Introduction

Wednesday August 5th, 2015


Today is seed introduction day! The significance of this addition is that it puts me one step closer to wine (coming this Sunday), and let's just be honest - I'm really looking forward to that! I'm using a lot of exclamations! I'm excited! That's what they're for!

I picked up some raw pumpkin seeds at Trader Joe's the other day, and last night I soaked my seeds in warm water for a couple of hours, then dried them with a kitchen towel, then plopped them onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and dried them in the oven (set at the lowest temp, 170 on my oven) overnight. The result is half a cup of very crispy pumpkin seeds! 

This morning I chomped on a small handful (a couple of tablespoons at the most) before I ate my breakfast, and am awaiting any sort of reaction. If this works I will gradually soak and dry the rest of them, or maybe just toss them in some oil and seasonings and bake them up. 

Just for fun, and to add some color, here's a picture of my breakfast to feast you eyes on. HA! I made a funny.

Serious YUM! Scrambled free range, organic eggs, two slices of paleo bacon, fermented cabbage with golden beets, half a banana, and herbal tea with coconut milk, vitamin D oil, and L-Gutamine powder. So good, so full of protein, and totally 100% AIP friendly!


Weight: 146.6 - sigh... this truly may be my permanent weight
Energy level: High!
BM: Oui!
Other Gastro: Nada!
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Fabu!
Exercise: Walks and walks so far. It's going to be a scorcher, so maybe not so many steps today.
Other: The gals have sore abs and pecs from our strength workout yesterday, but our arms aren't quite sore enough. Mrs. Jenn has requested that I get myself some heavier weights, which I will do. Damnit! I hate it when she's right about stuff like that. #StubbornPeopleProblems