Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22, 2015 - Cashew Update & Eggplant Introduction

How-deee! I didn't think I was going to miss writing this blog every day, but I kind of do. Sorta. Not every day but well, you get the drift.

That cashew intro did not end well, I'm afraid. Day two I had some pretty major upper GI pain followed by the anxiety that I mentioned the other day worsening, then on day three I had a headache that just would not stop, even after taking acetaminophen. Therefore I'm calling cashews a FAIL, big time. To only get through the first day with no reaction is not good. Bummer, I will miss them, but frankly I think I'm eating enough stuff as it is. 

There's a hell of a statement, and an unexpected revelation at that! 

I'm looking forward to trying some eggplant but I'm not the biggest fan really. I'm doing it to get through the nightshades so that eventually I can try paprika and tomatoes; those are the two nightshades I care about. Bell pepper and I have never seen eye to eye, and I will be amazed if I can pass them. Not only do I not like the flavor or the aroma of them, they inevitably give me horrid heartburn. Maybe not after all of this time, we shall see! Regardless I won't be eating them, because I don't like them. 

Anyhoo, did a 5k this morning with a bunch of awesome people ad had a blast doing it. Unfortunately the event took place in a rugged spot, it started quite late, and it was as hot as a blast furnace. I got my steps in though, boy howdy! It was one of those color things where they throw powdered color on you throughout the course. It was a very windy day, lots of color went flying away on the hot wind, I'm sure to land on some unsuspecting cow or bull grazing quietly just beyond where the run was held.

Eggplant in a few minutes with our very late dinner tonight (oy vay, totally my fault) - roasted with Italian herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil in the oven to be topped with the cherry (tomato tasting) sauce that I made last week to have with something I can't recall now. It smells great and I hope it's a GO!

Tomorrow we will be heading up the mountain to do some kayaking while the weather is still pleasant. It's supposed to be a cool day which means that I might be able to sneak in a little interval training in the afternoon. We shall see.

In the mean time, here's a pic from the 5k - I'll be back to tell you all how the introduction went in a few days!

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