Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 27th, 2015 - Coffee Introduction

Hey now, coffee day is here at last! It has been a long time coming and while I'm very excited I'm also trying to be cool, knowing that a negative reaction could we crouched just in the shadows, waiting to pounce. Crouching reaction, hidden gasbag! I have to laugh or I'll cry... Either way, I still have my favorite breakfast teas to drink and they are plenty caffeinated for this old broad.

I must tell you - I had a cup of organic coffee, brewed at half strength, with coconut milk  - ER. MAH. GERD. It was soooooo goooooood. Yes I've been missing you so much coffee! So much! Now we wait.

So. How have you been? I've been well, mostly. Following the eggplant reaction I pushed coffee out one day to make sure I was symptom free, because as of Tuesday I was not symptom free by any stretch. I had a lingering headache that acetaminophen couldn't touch, some nasty back pain and I was alternately feeling anxious and extremely hot. When I woke up on Wednesday I felt clear at last - that was a pretty bad reaction. 

Biggest news of the century - I lost my Fitbit on Saturday (I think I reported this? maybe not but I have been bitching about it non-stop), and it has not turned up (as I suspected it wouldn't). I did all of the search methods they recommend on their support site, then tweeted support, they directed me to submit a ticket, I got an email from support telling me to try what I had already tried (and included in the trouble ticket), after which they told me that a replacement would be sent out the following day. Sure enough, I received an email on Tuesday telling me that my replacement had shipped! This is great customer service, thank heavens someone is still doing the right thing by the customers! The bloody things do fall off pretty easily, and I've noticed that other companies are now making a small band that you can slide like a buckle over the clasps of the Fitbit - I'm just wondering why Fitbit isn't all over this and providing same along with their new units. I imagine that tiny thing will save them lots of money in replacement Fitbits, wouldn't you think? 

Not as big as the Fitbit story is the happy story of pork, and how a lot of it came to my house to live in a chest freezer in the garage. In my never ending quest for cleaner, healthier foods I came across this link: This link has made my life so, so much easier! I was able to locate a rancher nearby and ordered a pork sampler, which they delivered to my local Home Depot parking lot (okay, that part is a little bit odd, but I had the option to pick it up at the ranch and opted for delivery) and LET ME TELL YOU: this pork is amazing. It's red, like - you would think it was beef! Not grey like the crap you see at the grocery; it had clearly been slaughtered recently and immediately vacuum packed and frozen. It's delicious! 

I have also put a deposit on a turkey for Thanksgiving, and will be ordering some beef when what I have on hand runs low. I still have enough beef from a Groupon I purchased (American Farmers Network - not so good, by the way - I don't recommend them) a month or so ago. Big win there, no having to worry about finding good, clean meat at the (over priced) grocery stores when I can stock up and not worry about it for many weeks!

I've been quite pleased with my home fermenting operation, which sometimes does and sometimes does not give me a week's worth of kraut, but they have all been really good. This week I  have a red cabbage with candy cane beet concoction that is quite marvelous. It's really red, almost purple and has a wonderful earthy quality from the beets that I was not expecting. Yum! This weekend I get to bust out my first attempt at white cabbage with carrot and caraway seed *I think*. Looking forward to that!

Okay so here's the skinny (HA!) on what's been going on weight-wise: I have been maintaining at an average of 147.2 over the past week. I'm happy with that because I have been eating until I'm quite satisfied, sleeping like a champ and exercising effectively. My arms are starting to reflect the hard work I'm putting in, and even my abs have responded well. I don't have a six pack or anything, but the tummy is looking less flabby and I can easily hold a plank for a minute+. But just one! Subsequent planks are generally fails at the 30-45 second mark, and by the time I say "uncle" my core is shaking like a virgin on her wedding night. I still can't do more than 8 push ups (and holy shit! do I hate those bastards) but repeatedly lifting two 8-lb weights over my head is getting easier. Next month we are supposed to switch to 10-lb weights! We will definitely have to ease into that.

Walking my little guy this morning I took this photo. We were walking in sunshine whilst it rained on our heads! I hope you can see what I saw; rain falling quite steadily in the sunny intersection. One of the zillions of reasons I love Colorado...

Aight, that's all I have for today so until the next time: stay strong and be well!

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