Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015 - Coffee Update & Grass Fed Cream Introduction

Right off the bat Imma me tell you how utterly grateful I am to the fine folks at Fitbit! Not only did they send a replacement quickly, it got here pretty quickly too! This is great because I'm lazy and I forget to turn on tracking and carry my phone with me A LOT, so I was missing valuable steps. Righteous guys - you are amazing!

I'd also like to speak for a moment about the unearthly delights we have been enjoying from our local sustainable/organic/pastured pork producer - the stuff gets better every time we try something new. I cooked up a batch of bacon on Thursday night to make breakfast a bit easier in the AM, and we couldn't even wait until it was cooled to start tasting it (and by tasting I mean "eating an entire piece each") because the aroma was absolutely intoxicating. The bacon is cut very thick, it has lots of meat and the fat bits - oh my dear God in heaven, they are just as chewy and tasty as you can imagine. I failed to take pictures, sorry, but take my word for it - you need to find someone near you or someone that can ship to you because this is the best food we've ever eaten. I can't wait to fill my freezer with beef from this ranch!

Have you ever seen someone get so excited about meat? Just sayin', it's the little things that make this lifestyle so much better and easier to live with. Sugar be damned, I want some pig candy!

My average weight right now is 146.9, which, again, I am quite happy with! The jeans I was afraid to put in the dryer two weeks ago are now baggy to the point of needing to put them in the dryer, so I'll see if I can talk myself into doing that when they get washed. The old habit of line drying jeans is going to be a tough one to break, never mind the damn fear that one day I will wake up and be 20 lbs overweight again. I realize that this is a problem that exists only in my head, and I aim to retrain my brain. I don't believe in shrinks. I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves. That's how I roll. That is why I started all of this life changing dietary stuff in the first place, right? Right.

Thanks to my trainer, Mrs. Jenn, I'm much stronger than I've been in years and as promised, this makes running easier. My endurance has increased by double, I would guess, after just a few weeks of strength and toning. 

New and/or noteworthy:

I took a stab at plantain waffles yesterday and boy was that a disaster! First off I had no idea what to look for in a plantain and they were all green so it didn't matter much anyway, but second - the recipes lie to you. They do! They flat out lie. I was never able to get the "batter" past the stage of still-had-tiny-lumps-of-plantain which I didn't know was what they meant by "batter", so I added some water and only ended up with watery "batter" that stuck to the waffle iron like that was its job. That part was frustrating and MESSY but the waffles were actually quite tasty. Sadly just refrigerating them overnight has made them dry as hell, and I can't swallow a bite without a chaser.

Bone broth is being added back into my daily routine as of today. I realized that I've been lacking this essential part of my diet for almost two weeks! Ridiculous. I got myself a Thermos and heated some of my fabu chicken broth this morning, giving myself about a cup and a half of delicious snack-sipping to have throughout the day.

Coffee is my friend! Totally passed with flying colors, I'm washing down my dry as hell waffle with a cup right now. I don't think I realized this before but it seems that coffee is my lobster (if you don't get the Friends television show, here's a clip from the YouTube for ye: She's Your Lobster - you're welcome) but IT IS! Loving having it back in my life and my tummy.

'k, so let's get real about grass fed milk: I have several problems. The first is that what you're supposed to intro initially is grass fed RAW cream. If I tried I'm sure that I could locate this item but the question I have is: how do I trust anyone selling this item to me? That is obviously not something you can buy in the grocery store no matter how earth-mothery that store is, because it isn't legal. So no.

Second, the next item is grass fed milk kefir. Ummmm, no. Again with the no. No one makes this, I have yet to locate kefir grains in any local earth-mother store and I sure as heck fire am not ordering them from the internet. Why? Because how do I know they are safe, or have been handled properly? 

Furthermore, it's not just me. Take this excerpt from an email I received just yesterday courtesy of Izabella Wentz:

"Raw Milk Myth

Some believe that the pasteurization process can potentially denature dairy proteins, making them seem even more foreign to the body, and increasing the likelihood of an immune response. This is why some raw milk advocates will state that only pasteurized milk is a problem and that everyone should drink raw milk.

This could be true, potentially, if you spent your entire life drinking only raw milk, however most of us have not. Unfortunately, if you have already been sensitized to the pasteurized cow’s milk proteins, you’re likely going to react to the raw milk dairy proteins. They are similar enough. "

I get it from the standpoint of adding things that are less reactive to most reactive - totally makes sense. But if these things are not realistic, then I have a problem. As with un-pasteurized milk. Yes I have heard all of the arguments about how much safer raw milk products are, but any fluctuation in refrigeration or temperature makes them vulnerable to all kinds of awful bacteria. As for me, no thanks.

So here is what I did get:

Look at that happy cow! So pretty, and oh my, her milk is very tasty. A little bit sweeter than regular milk, with this thick cream on top (that part kind of grossed me out actually, but I scooped some out and put it in my tea anyway, since I'm supposed to have cream - wink-wink). If I get through this addition without reaction, I will likely buy the 2% version of this milk hereafter, because my hubby will then partake of it as well. No need to buy two different milks, eh?

Next up: if I get through this milk situation, is going to be grass fed cheese. I will have to look into that one, not sure where to find it, but I'm sure someone has some Parmesan or whatever to try. THEN I'm going to take a break from introductions for a week or so. I'm tried, frankly, and I want to reassess what it is that I'm doing with the intros. There are more nightshades after grass fed moo-juice and after the reaction I had to eggplant (the least reactive of them all) I'm really iffy about going forward with the pepper intros. As in VERY. So I think I'll just regroup and keep posting updates for y'all, and figure out my next move. Frankly milk is the very last thing that I wanted to add because I do like it. As for nightshades I like paprika a lot (maybe I'll try that and skip the eggplant, which I don't care for so much?) but the rest of them I can totally live without. 

Stay tuned, and until next time - be healthy, be strong and take care!

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