Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #31 - Seed Introduction

Wednesday August 5th, 2015


Today is seed introduction day! The significance of this addition is that it puts me one step closer to wine (coming this Sunday), and let's just be honest - I'm really looking forward to that! I'm using a lot of exclamations! I'm excited! That's what they're for!

I picked up some raw pumpkin seeds at Trader Joe's the other day, and last night I soaked my seeds in warm water for a couple of hours, then dried them with a kitchen towel, then plopped them onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and dried them in the oven (set at the lowest temp, 170 on my oven) overnight. The result is half a cup of very crispy pumpkin seeds! 

This morning I chomped on a small handful (a couple of tablespoons at the most) before I ate my breakfast, and am awaiting any sort of reaction. If this works I will gradually soak and dry the rest of them, or maybe just toss them in some oil and seasonings and bake them up. 

Just for fun, and to add some color, here's a picture of my breakfast to feast you eyes on. HA! I made a funny.

Serious YUM! Scrambled free range, organic eggs, two slices of paleo bacon, fermented cabbage with golden beets, half a banana, and herbal tea with coconut milk, vitamin D oil, and L-Gutamine powder. So good, so full of protein, and totally 100% AIP friendly!


Weight: 146.6 - sigh... this truly may be my permanent weight
Energy level: High!
BM: Oui!
Other Gastro: Nada!
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Fabu!
Exercise: Walks and walks so far. It's going to be a scorcher, so maybe not so many steps today.
Other: The gals have sore abs and pecs from our strength workout yesterday, but our arms aren't quite sore enough. Mrs. Jenn has requested that I get myself some heavier weights, which I will do. Damnit! I hate it when she's right about stuff like that. #StubbornPeopleProblems

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