Monday, August 10, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #36

Monday August 10th, 2015

Happy Monday errybody! Truth is if I had my druthers I'd not be at work today - anyone with me? It feels like weekends get so crammed full of stuff that I need another day just to recover from the weekend. I know I can't be alone in this...

After having a madcap day on Sunday I found myself finishing laundry this morning (yes, really!) but at least I got most of the house cleaned and had a whole hour to spend relaxing in the tub (I outlasted the hot water by at least 20 minutes) before starting dinner. I pretty much didn't sit still except for the bath, and the hour after dinner when True Detective was on. 

The wine introduction went well, I believe. It didn't harm me in any way; no stomach upset, no headache, no fatigue - just a little buzz, as expected. I'm going to dip my toe back in that water this evening (double down! trust but verify!) as the bottle was not finished last night. At this point of introduction I'm only supposed to have a small amount (one glass) and then chill. But I figure that for all of the other intros I've had one small amount on the first day, followed by having the new food 3 times, so what the hell? Can't let good wine go to waste!


Weight: 146 - humbug!
Energy level: Fine and dandy
BM: Yep, finally caught up on that I think.
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Bandit went for his walk this morning, but it's strength day here at the office so I will not likely get in much cardio unless I take my ass around the block a few times. Storms are moving it so I need to do that like, now.

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