Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #38

Wednesday August 12th, 2015

Hola, I'm back to normal today. Still totally psyched and all, but much more calm. I'm staring at the postcard from my Gyne that I addressed to myself last October, and I know that I must make that appointment for my annual undressing-below-the-waist and boob-checking but oh, must I really? The humiliation! The staring at the ceiling! I hate it all so!

Right behind that postcard there is a print out from my Endo requesting that I make an appointment at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center to discuss an abnormal lab result on blood protein electrophesis. From two years ago. She's holding on to that single abnormal lab like a pitbull because she tells me that this is something that can and does go cancerous. I followed up with my PMD, he ran the test again and it was well within normal range. Hence my hesitation to call the Cancer Center when there are people who have actual cancer that need appointments far more than do I. But if I'm ever to shut her up about it, I have to do this. YECCHHHH.


We have a vacation in October after which I take an extra day off to do laundry and hang out with my dogs, go to the store, and make doctor appointments. My plan is to call both docs and request appointments that day so I can get then out of the way in one day. Makes sense, no? I'm not sure why I'm asking because yes, it does.

On with the show!


Weight: 145.2 
Energy level: Good
BM: Little one, yeah
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Ehhhhh, it's strength day. I only got around the block with my little dog this morning, not sure if I'll get more.
Other: Had a great interval session yesterday! I started out with a buddy but her calf was bothering her so she headed back to the office to ice and rest it. After that I picked up my pace and swapped intervals to walk 30, jog 45 - and I shattered my per mile average! It felt great, there was good cloud cover but a lot of humidity, I had a great time! Very sweaty, yes, but totally worth it.

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