Thursday, August 13, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #39

Thursday August 13th, 2015

I have failed to mention that I have been a little bit backed up lately. I think that I haven't said anything because I am always so hopeful that it's going to clear. Typing that made me a little sick, actually - sorry for the saccharin so early in the morning. Although it may not be early or even morning by the time I publish this, or by the time that anyone reads it. 


I've been having these hard little poops, very unsatisfying little fecks for a few days. Today I finally gave in and added another probiotic to my morning regimen and lo and behold, I pooped like a grown up at last. I think I need to leave the probiotics at this level to see if it makes me more regular. I am now taking 200 billion live cultures in the morning, holy shit. And I mean that literally! Those pills are so expensive, but whatever, if they're working I will keep shelling out the dough. Thank my employer for the HSA that I have started to max out, is all I can think of. It's coming in super handy with the advent of all these supplements I'm taking.

I'm drinking some of (the last of, actually) my home made beef bone broth this week as I have received a shipment of same from a company that makes such things. Talk about expensive! It was $10/container, each container holds 15.6 ounces or something. It had better be the best damn bone broth on the planet! I will likely need to find another supplier or just bag the beef version altogether because let me tell you, the stuff I made tastes like CRAP! I'm so sad but I'm making myself drink it because it was so hard to make. 

Speaking of which, I really need to make some chicken bone broth this weekend. I'm completely out but have two carcasses in the freezer just waiting to become delicious.

Okay, alright, enough of that already!


Weight: 145.4 - don't panic! I hadn't pooped well for a couple of days before this weigh in
Energy level: Great
BM: Hell to the YEAH baby
Other Gastro: Negative
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Great
Exercise: Walked both dogs around the block this morning, must. do. intervals today but it's going to be mighty hot and humid so - that means early lunch, unless I have meetings.

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