Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #41

Saturday August 15th, 2015

Busy, busy day! 

I got my intervals in this morning before the real heat of the day kicked in, and haven't stopped since. I went to the farmers market, Costco, DSW, Whole Foods and then home to wash and prep the veg I got at the market, clean the house and rearrange the laundry room. It's almost 4:00, I have a 4:40 brow waxing appointment and I'm pooped!

So, quick and dirty: the butter seems not to have harmed me, but I haven't had any today. Frankly it's just so hot that butter seems like a terrible idea. I'll put some on our fresh, organic green and wax beans this evening for sure.


Weight: 146 - yep, true.
Energy level: Great!
BM: Mucho grande, si
Other Gastro: Nope
Mental clarity: Great!
Mood: Meh, I hate cleaning. My mood will improve once I'm done running around for the day and have 5 minutes to chill out.
Exercise: Walked dog for 1 mile, intervals for 3.5 miles

See you tomorrow!

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