Monday, August 17, 2015

Paleo AIP Day #43

Monday August 17th, 2015

Monday is a humbug! Both hubby and I wanted to stay home (or not go to work, more accurately) today. I'm in a call-in-sick-and-go-to-the-casino mood; an oddly reflective mood that I haven't experienced since I left Vegas nearly 3 years ago. Yes, I had days like that in Vegas, I only acted on the feeling once, but I absolutely despised my job and was quite miserable. Here, today, I'm quite sure that it's a product of a very busy, completely un-relaxing weekend and being so busy at work right now. This too shall pass.

But, the good news, because I am Miss Merry Sunshine-up-the-bum, is that Disneyland is now only 58 days away! Even closer is our trip to Breckenridge for Labor Day weekend, that sucker is only 19 days away. Whaaaaat? Yepper. Good times, can't wait to see how long I can interval at 9,000 feet... ha ha!

This morning I'm chillin' with some good oldies on the iTunes whilst I blog, which is setting up my mood for the day - mellow is what I'm going for. Let's see if I can actually get there!

Food introduction-wise I'm doing really well. It is now day #4 after grass fed butter and I'm doing just fab, so yes, I will be moving on to cashews tomorrow. What THAT means is that I have work to do tonight to soak and dry some raw cashews, wish I had done that over the weekend but frankly I was so busy that I only sat down to shit and eat. Gross, sorry.

I have jumped the gun just a little bit on the coffee intro by purchasing a bag of organic ground coffee yesterday. The intro is currently scheduled to start on 9/3. I say currently for a bloody reason - I may not be able to wait that long! I have nightshades after cashews, and for crying out loud I just don't care about eggplant right now. On the other hand, I do care about paprika, and paprika follows cracked black pepper, and cracked black pepper (intro attempt #2) is after eggplant. 

That was exhausting!

Also, keeping the goal in mind, this is the order in which I am supposed to be doing my intros and I sure as hell-o don't want to screw that up again at this stage of the game. I'm getting kind of excited about the introductions to follow, so here they go just so you know what I'm all giddy about:

8/18 - cashews & pistachios
8/22 - eggplant (nightshade #1)
8/26 - cracked black pepper (attempt #2, berry based spice)
8/30 - paprika (nightshade #2)
9/3 - coffee (squeeeeeee!)
9/7 - grass fed raw cream (good luck to me, finding such a specialty item may be hard!)
9/11 - grass fed milk kefir (this does exist, I've seen it)
9/15 - grass fed cheese (another one not so easy to find)
9/19 - Chili pepper (nightshade #3)
9/23 - tomato (nightshade #4)
9/27 - bell pepper (nightshade #5) - my least favorite of them all... may not add back in, I never ate them before
10/1 - larger amount of alcohol - not sure I understand the point of this, I'm totally fine with not consuming larger amounts of alcohol...

Then begins the "other foods" category, including things I may want to try that are not necessarily allowed on the Paleo AIP:

10/5 - corn (maybe) - likely in the popped form, which is something I'm never supposed to eat but it's the only way I like it
10/9 - white rice
10/13 - soaked and fermented legumes (lentils) - sounds totally gross
10/17 - regular dairy - if I even get that far, and decide that it's worth trying to add non-AIP items. 

Holy long post, Batman! Sorry. Excited today.


Weight: 146 - looks like I'm staying here!
Energy level: Great
BM: Yes, a really good one!
Other Gastro: Nothing to report
Mental clarity: Great
Mood: Good (the Monday thing)
Exercise: Very short walk with the dogs this morning, and it's strength day, so I will sweat but I won't get a lot of steps in.

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